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3 JOBS at PIH, Kigali, Rwanda

3 JOBS at PIH, Kigali, Rwanda

3 JOBS at PIH, Kigali, Rwanda For more details abo...

7 JOBS at University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), Kigali, Rwanda

7 JOBS at University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), Kigali, Rwanda

7 JOBS at University of Global Health Equity (UGHE...

2 JOBS at Jhpiego, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 28/02/2018

2 JOBS at Jhpiego, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 28/02/2018

2 JOBS at Jhpiego, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 28/02/2...

SUZUKI GRAND VITARA igurishwa @ 10.5M Rwf, Kigali, Rwanda

SUZUKI GRAND VITARA igurishwa @ 10.5M Rwf, Kigali, Rwanda

SUZUKI GRAND VITARA igurishwa @ 10.5M Rwf, Kigali,...

Kanda *808#, Usome Amakuru Abyara INOTI kuri Tohoza.com Nta Internet, Kigali, Rwanda

Kanda *808#, Usome Amakuru Abyara INOTI kuri Tohoza.com Nta Internet, Kigali, Rwanda

Kanda * 808 # Usome Amakuru Abyara INOTI kuri Toho...




    Lezera Beauty and Makeup is a Rwandan based business where we offer personal on call door to door makeup services .We do several types of makeup and below are some of them:

Test makeup - performed before an event, this is the moment to decide what kind of makeup you want to tell us about your additional requirements or make yourself sure that what you wanted is not what you are looking for. This kind of makeup is recommended for clients who have never put a professional makeup, for brides and weddings' entourage: godmothers, mothers-in-low, bridesmaids and is obligatory for the graduates before the important graduation day, planned and dreamed for so long, and for the clients who often change their concepts. The test makeup will give you an idea of what to expect and will save the confusion of taking different solutions in the busy day. 

Our prices range between 18000 Rwf to 30,000 Rwf for a single person but are negotiable.

Graduation makeup - You graduate. It's time to ball. Yes, this is the first most exciting experience for the young lady. The school atmosphere that you feld recently is now replaced by the atmosphere of the famous graduation ball. In this unique evening you have the right to look irresistible. Style. Elegance. Beauty in evidence. Your makeup should be consistent with your evening dress, with your personality and performed in harmony with your sense of woman. Trust in our professionalism. Enjoy unforgettable moments.

Our prices are standard 15000 Rwf per person

Wedding makeup - The wedding requires a special attention and preparation. The makeup for the wedding day needs a complex care. It is recommended to prepare the skin of your face at least two - three weeks before the ceremony. It is necessary to keep the skin fresh and feed in order to have the best makeup on the very important day you in the important day. It is recommended to do a test makeup. The exposure to UV rays before the wedding is not requirable. The marriage is one of the most exciting events in the life of a woman. The choice of the makeup depends on the dress, the place, the season and more individual particularities. According to your attitudes and requirements, selecting colors and cosmetic forms we will try to make you feel unique on this special day. The wedding makeup should be resistant and stable during the whole event, suitable for photos, videos, and also to look perfect even in close-up.

Our prices range between 30,000 Rwf for the bride alone, however we charge 20,000Rwf for the Bride and 15000Rwf for her brides maids if we are doing all of them.

Makeup special occasions - Birthday, Name-Day, New Year ... there are so many wonderful occasions, when on these days we expect miracles! And furthermore they are the case to change your daily make-up in something fabulous, fantastic and futuristic. The colors are saturated consistent with the overall look and styling. We use lines, shades, colors, light according to your own style. This makeup will emphasize your style and give you an extra self-confidence to be irresistible. 

Our prices are standard at 20,000Rwf per person.

Picture & Fashion - Makeup consistent with the place of the pictures, the light, the sets, the whole concept of the project and more details. Commercials, videos, photo shoots, contests, modelling shows. Our prices here are not charged per head; we usually negotiate and work on contract We do TV & Film makeup, The TV and film makeup is designed specifically for TV and lens, as this makeup required to keep the facial features and to cleverly conceal the defects. This is because in the TV and the cinema the processes can partially make visible the imperfections on the facial skin. The professional makeup artists can significantly smooth out wrinkles and hide stains, which are more visible in strong light. The TV makeup should be consistent with the power of the light in front of which the object stands. As the normal color of the skin contains a significant quality of green particles and under a standard fluorescent light the green color of the skin can be seen. This problem can be complicated if the makeup itself includes green items .The TV and film makeup are too different from the graduation or wedding makeup here every pore of your face should look clean, and the face will look in the best way in front of the lens. We usually do this on contract with media agencies. Artistic and special effects - This type of makeup is usually used for stage performances and presentations. It is used by dancers, singers, musicians and so on. It can be called extravagant makeup. We use as ELEMENTS pebbles, feathers, face painting and so on. We do this on contract with media people but on special occasions we charge 20,000Rwf per head on events like parities and galas 

Before & After - The makeup is able to change considerably a person, especially the professional makeup because it is performed by a specialist in the field. The makeup artist knows where, how and how much to put in this way the makeup is consistent with the preferences of the client, concepts and styling, and is also consistent with the specifics of the particular person which is unique and one and only. Very important is the fact that the professional makeup artists use anti-allergenic cosmetics, covering, and compatible with different types of skin and is consistent with photo and video capture, and the different types and intensities of the light.  The pictures before and after talk about a makeup in the best way, so we offer a service that everyone can evaluate and especially the advantages and the favors of the professional makeup.

We range between 16000 Rwf to 28000 Rwf for the before and after makeup

Contact us at +250788543198, +250784006691, +250738006691 lezerabeauty@gmail.com

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