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Automated Payroll System for Save the Children, Kigali - CLOSE: 15/12/2017 Kigali

Automated Payroll System for Save the Children, Kigali - CLOSE: 15/12/2017 Kigali

Save the Children

Terms of Reference for Development,Installation and Maintenance of an Automated Payroll System for Save the Children International (SCI),

Rwanda Country Office.


Save the Children, a registered International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), we support governments and partners to improve access to good quality child and maternal healthcare. We promote innovative education programs, literacy projects and early childhood care and development. We respond to emergency situations, delivering life-saving humanitarian services to children and families affected by conflict and crisis. We support governments and partners to put measures and structures in place to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence affecting children. We work to achieve immediate and lasting change within children's lives.

SCI uses a Financial Management System (FMS) called Agresso for recording and reporting its financial transactions and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) called Effective Staff.

Currently, the monthly payroll for all national staff (150-250) is prepared using MS Excel which is a     manual system and it has shortcomings to do with integration and scalability with our other corporate systems.

The SCI Rwanda Country office is planning to integrate and automate all its payroll processing tasks with its Financial Management System (Agresso), its HRIS (Effective Staff) and Employee Effort Reporting. Effort Reporting is a compliance mechanism by which staff costs charged to different awards are based on "effort" or personnel time spent on the specific donor funded projects.

The potential service provider is expected to develop, test and install an automated payroll system at the SCI Rwanda Country Office in Kigali, and ensure the system as a package is integrated with the existing systems and is fit for the intended purpose, as highlighted below.

Description of the Assignment.

The overall objective of the payroll system is to effectively manage, analyze and report employees' pay, benefits and deductions in a complex organization while integrating with its other corporate systems particularly HRIS and Agresso.

The automated payroll system should meet the following specific requirements:

  1. The automated payroll processing System will be owned and managed by Save the Children International with all source codes and it should suite to the organization's business model, organizational structure and cost structure.

  2. Should be installed at the SCI Rwanda Country Office in Kigali.

  3. Must fully interface and be capable to export/import payroll related financial and personnel data to/from the organization's Financial Management System general ledger module (Agresso) and the Human Resource Information System (Effective Staff), respectively.

All national staff’s payroll processing will be done centrally. The monthly payroll data will then be upward synchronized with master payroll data.

System features

The automated payroll processing System should contain the following features.

  1. The system should be configured and responsive to Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) compliance.

  2. Accommodate employee data including but not limited to Name, Gender, contract type etc. from our HRIS by way of importation from our HRIS (Effective staff) and allow the data to be edited to add other specific data for both active and disengaged staff.

  3. The system should preferably   be configurable and accommodate rapidly increasing permanent staff numbers and incorporate simple a module for Interns and temporary employees.

  4. The system should have flexible configuration for specific pay structures and produce individual pay slips that are delivered automatically to all staffs' email accounts.

  5. The system should allow Processing of Salary for one person or a group of persons any time if required.

  6. The system should allow for Payroll simulations, re-runs, reversal and back-pay calculations and pro­ration calculations.

  7. The system should have in built formulae for calculating International / Expatriate staff tax, staff Terminal Grant/ Gratuity computations, ability to produce staff loan balances with Sacco's and banks, calculate staff pension  both employer and individual contributions and have ability to compute tax payable on all benefits defined by Rwanda Revenue Authority.

  8. The system should produce income tax returns form compliant with RRA and generate annual tax reports.

  9. The system should automatically print Payroll register sheet to facilitate approval process, documentation and transfer to the staff bank account or pay by cash (Where Bank facilities are not available).

  10. The system should automatically generate unlimited roll-up, drill-down and "drill-around" capabilities and on intuitive graphical interface for ad hoc inquiries, combined with flexible inquiry viewing and publishing to match user requirements e.g. payroll report both summary and with individual staff id's and codes, reports by department, location etc.

  11. The system should allow for Add-ins to handle specific local requirements.

  12. The system should integrate with Microsoft Office Suite Applications.

  13. The system should have automated alerts e.g. expiring contracts,

  14. The system should be able to produce variance reports on all aspects of the payroll

  15. The system should have a web based on line portal for employee self-service.

Valuable Features

  1. Single Sign-On, LDAP, Active Directory support.

  2. Tool to do bulk user updates.

  3. Ability to choose different year start dates for each user.

  4. Data integrity, archiving and storage

Business Process Automation(BPA)

SCI would like the System to have a BPA as a core component of its architecture whose capabilities add a further layer of proactive intelligence to the solution, allowing users to "discover and respond to" their specific situation and monitor the current state of the business to improve the organization's corporate governance, internal controls and procedures.

Further Solution Requirements:

Whilst the precise requirements of the system to be implemented may be refined during the assessment, the system is required to conform to the following;

  1. Security Essential: Service Security and access management must ensure that system processes and data can be actioned and accessed only by appropriate and authorized personnel.

  2. Web Interface Essential: Provides interaction between user and database.

  3. Database Essential Stores the calculated taxes and salaries.

  4. Data Protection: The delivered solution must comply with SCI data protection policy and local data protection requirements and best practice.

  5. File System Essential: Stores bank files and tax files etc.

  6. Search:  required to search out tax files, salary slip and bank files etc.

  7. Performance Essential: Performance of the system, including data access, should be adequate and fast.

  8. User Interaction: The delivered solution must be in English and should have a user friendly interface with easy navigation.

  9. Application Maintenance Essential: Maintenance and documentation should be done thoroughly.

  10. Paging Essential: System should be capable of splitting large amount of data using data paging to present information in a user friendly way.

  11. Application Scalability: System should be flexible and expendable for future use.

  12. Platform Independence: Required System should be capable to work in any environment.

  13. The Set "Vice Provider.

  14. The potential service provider should clearly state its total Automated payroll system and related integrations development and installation cost in Rwanda Francs.

  15. The potential service provider should attach with the bidding document the company’s profile, previous experience in related system development areas and its organizational capacity in terms of IT infrastructure, Finance and Human resource.

  16. The potential service provider should indicate its implementation Strategy (Implementation Consultancy, Project Management and Technical services) in the following main categories:

  17. Total Time required to develop, test install the overall automated payroll wore and related integrations.

  18. SC staff training Plan on the Payroll System.

  19. Participation and engagement of SC relevant staff all stages of the system development life cycle.

  20. Solution optimization once the implementation has become static to ensure return on investment.

  21. The potential service provider should be able to understand SC requirements and where there is need for subsequent maintenance and systems upgrading it should indicate the modalities of engagement.

  22. The potential Service Provider can conduct assessment and have better understanding about SCI by visiting SCI Rwanda Country Office Finance, HR and IT Departments.


  1. Methodology.

  2. Design and Build

SCI RWANDA expect the Service Provider to define the overall system design and state and
provide a roadmap with timelines for implementation upon successful selection after the
bidding process. The Service Provider will agree with SCI RWANDA the timeline for the project,
including key milestones, and implementation in SCI RWANDA.

SCI RWANDA will require the responsibilities between the chosen Service Provider and SCI RWANDA to be clearly defined and agreed as part of the implementation phase of the project.
SCI RWANDA require the overall project to deliver tangible outputs during the project life.
Service providers must describe how they will shape the engagement to provide such


The Service provider must state their approach to training. It is expected that the training
requirements will be two-tier: with in-depth training for key users and identified “super
users” within the proposed SCI RWANDA payroll function; and more low level training, preferably
using on-line/e-learning tools, for all other staff.

Application Development Maintenance (ADM) & Hosting.

The Service Provider must state their approach under the following headings in relation to requirements for ADM:

  • Hardware;

  • Application;

  • Support (hardware);

  • Support (software);

  • Deployment and testing;

  • Information assurance;

  • Integration/interoperability;

  • Performance; and

  • Standards.

Maintenance and Support Exit Planning Requirements

SCI RWANDA will require the chosen Service Provider to enter into an agreed exit plan
methodology at contract award and the first exit plan will be provided to SCI RWANDA for
approval before the initial warranty period.


The Service Provider will be responsible for: Monitoring and reporting on the project progress to the IT Coordinator against agreed deliverables and targets.

The timings of the key outputs of the system will be as follows:

Ongoing system, support and maintenance requirements will be agreed through the
contract negotiations and Inception Phase. This may include supporting SCI RWANDA through any future transition phase, including transition to shared services if deemed appropriate, or should any business requirement change.
A full post implementation review will take place after 3 months and then 6 months.

Project Coordination

The Service Provider will report to the IT Coordinator. The IT Coordinator will have day-to-day
responsibility for the coordination of this Project.

Shortlisting Criteria

Interested qualified consultant/consultancy firm should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The Shortlisting should be guided by the quality and detail of information provided.

Successful consultant should have the following:

  • A minimum qualification of a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any related field;

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in designing Application Systems. Having designed and delivered a payroll system would be an advantage;

  • Company Profile for companies;

  • Detailed CV for individuals;       

  • 3 Certificates of completion of service;            

  • VAT Certificate (Required for companies);          

  • RDB registration certificate (Required for companies);         

  • RRA tax clearance certificate (Required for companies);    

   Application deadline

Please send your applications (technical Proposal and Financial Proposal) in two separate & sealed envelopes (Marked Original & Copy) latest 15th December 2017 at 5:00pm to : Save the Children Rwanda Country Office P.O Box 2953, Plot 204, KG 28 AV, #23, Nyarutarama-Remera-Gasabo, Kigali Rwanda.

Done at Kigali, on 30th November 2017

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