Consultancy in Creating and Implementing Business Plan Training at WfWI, Kigali - CLOSE: 29/04/2017 Kigali

Consultancy in Creating and Implementing Business Plan Training at WfWI, Kigali - CLOSE: 29/04/2017 Kigali

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Women for Women International (WfWI) Rwanda, is looking for an experienced institution/organization that will train its Women Graduates in Creating and Implementation Business Plans skills. The institution/organization will have the responsibility for preparation and management of all issues related to a successful and professional Basic training on Creating and Implementing Business Plans of 200 WfWI graduates from Nyaruguru District.

In close consultation with WfWI Economic Development Manager, the institution/organization will develop, propose and use suitable adult training methodologies, including curriculum and any related tools.

Actual training is planned to start on 9 May 2017 for 200 women. A detailed breakdown of the responsibilities of Creating  and Implementing Business Plan Skills training service provider is outlined below:


I.                   Planning

·         Develop a master timetable for the entire training that incorporates all the activities including periodic follow up and monitoring plans

·         Elaborate a training package (curricula and training modules) by developing lesson plans as well as training modules and adapt where training curricula exist (from WDA). 

·         Prepare a detailed budget and share with the WfWI Economic Development Manager for approval.

·         Plan and execute all the logistics related to the Creating and Implementing Business Plans.

II.                Creating and Implementating Business Plans Training Deliverables

·         Conduct actual training as specified in the master timetable

·         Regularly follow up on attendance, absenteeism of participants, reasons for absence – and report these via email, telephone, and/or in physical form as may be requested by WfWI

·         Compile and submit a progress report - once 50 percent of the training is completed

·         Compile and submit a final report, including a section on lessons learnt and recommendations.

The training should consist of a total of 7 working days for each group between 20-30 participants.

 Note:It is envisaged that trainings in that District will take place concurrently.


III.             Target Beneficiaries/Numbers/Location

  • Training beneficiaries are 200 women – Graduates of WfWI 12-month core program

  • The Training will target 200 adult women

  • All trainees are from Nyaruguru ( Ngoma, Kibeho and Rusenge Sectors) District.

Note: In Ngoma  Sector we have 2 sites, in Kibeho Sector  we have 3 sites and in Rusenge  sector we have 4 sites. In total they are 9 sites.

IV.             Post Training Activities (Key Deliverables)

  • Prepare and submit to WfWI individualized certificates for each training participant upon successful completion of the training. This is only applicable if an institution/organization conducts the training

  • Share with WfWI the training report including the narrative training report and packages (lesson plans used during training)

  • Submit a final report after the training

Timeframe of consultancy:

The total Level of Effort is not to exceed 11 days (which include 2 days of lesson planning;7 days of actual training and 2 days for final reporting).

Profile of Consultant:

-        At least 3 years’ relevant training experience within the Business Plan  Concepts

-       Relevant experience in training at community level

-       Possess adult learning skills

-       Proficiency in Kinyarwanda as the language to be used for training purposes

Application Instructions: All interested candidates should submit an updated CV, Cover letter and 3 Professional references to:

Application deadline: Thursday 29th  April 2017

Hand delivered hard copy applications will not be accepted. Only short listed applicants will be invited to interview. No telephone inquiries please.

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Location: Kigali, Kigali, Nyarugenge, Rwanda