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Imodoka igurishwa 2.3 M Rwf ya Golf 3 Decapotable yo 1994, automatic, Kigali, Rwanda

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Inzu nziza igurishwa 37 M Rwf ifite ibyumba 5 (+250788446982), Kigali, Rwanda

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COM&C Ltd: Communication, Web and Computer Services, Kigali, Rwanda

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Ubuntu Advocacy consultant at Handicap International Federation,Kigali-Rwanda-CLOSE:26/06/2017 Kigali

Ubuntu Advocacy consultant at Handicap International Federation,Kigali-Rwanda-CLOSE:26/06/2017 Kigali


Advocacy consultancy Ubuntu Care Regional Project: confronting sexual violence against girls and boys, including children with disabilities




‘Ubuntu Care: confronting sexual violence against girls and boys, including children with disabilitiesis a multi-country project implemented in Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya. It aims to address both the causes and consequences of sexual violence against children, especially those with disabilities. The project's name ubuntu stems from the Bantu languages of East Africa. It can be translated to mean: "I am what I am because of who we all are. It refers to the social link between the individual and the community. Across Rwandan, Burundian and Kenyan societies, it is strongly associated with positive concepts such as humanity, generosity and community. While the addition of care is arguably a more occidental concept, it draws on the idea of promoting the voice of the most vulnerable including children and survivors - especially those with disabilities - and giving opportunities for empowerment. The project is called Ubuntu Care for exactly these reasons - because its ultimate goal is to end sexual violence against children through social cohesion and coordinated intervention.

The Ubuntu Care project today is the result of a process of research and reflection, dating back to


1. Handicap International's field teams observed that one of the causes of HIV/AIDS and mental health problems was in fact sexual violence. Based on these observations, and due to lack of evidence and research on this issue in developing countries, Handicap International and Save the

Children UK decided to carry out a joint study focused on the vulnerability to sexual violence of children with disabilities in four countries (Burundi, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania).

After 1.5 years of field-based research the findings revealed that, despite of widely different contexts, the factors that render children with disabilities particularly vulnerable to this type of violence are similar: social exclusion, discrimination against disability, barriers to access appropriate support services. As a result, child survivors with disabilities are more likely to bear the full brunt of the consequences of sexual violence (STDs, unwanted pregnancy, social marginalization, psychological trauma, as well as new impairments), while the large majority of perpetrators go unpunished.

Handicap International (HI) implemented phase one (2013-2015) of the Ubuntu Care project in

Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya, encompassing activities and research designed to more effectively identify and address factors related to sexual violence against children, including children with disabilities. Phase two (2016-2018) continues to address a range of vulnerability factors.

The project therefore has four main directives:

1. Empowering children as actors in their own protection through education, skills development, social recreation, and participation in decision-making.


2. Empowering communities and families to better protect children through capacity building, support, and changing negative attitudes within communities/families that underpin violence.


3.   Strengthening access to and quality of services: education, medical, legal and psychosocial.

PROJECT Ubuntu Care Regional Project: confronting sexual violence against girls and boys, including children with disabilities COUNTRIES Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya TIMELINE May/June 2017 POSITION Advocacy Consultant - development of regional/international advocacy strategy




4. Advocating for more effective protection systems for child survivors at the national, regional and international level, backed by evidence based data generated by the monitoring system on violence against children with and without disabilities. Handicap International and its operational partners are strongly committed to promoting the voices of children, advocating for the prevention and mitigation of sexual violence, especially against those with disabilities. Some initiatives have already been implemented, such as the short film screening of Through Our Eyes:  During phase 1 of the project.

The organisation would therefore like to recruit an external consultant to build on this past advocacy work, to continue fighting for children's right to protection.


The main objectives of the assignment are therefore to:


Develop and present an advocacy strategy to guide HI’s future work in the areas of child protection, sexual/gender-based violence and disability, within the framework of the current Ubuntu Care project

Design and propose indicators to measure, evaluate and document the future progress and successes during implementation phase of the advocacy strategy

In addition, the advocacy strategy should take into consideration the following parameters:

Identifying key entry points, advocacy opportunities and target audiences, particularly at the regional and international levels, to influence policies and practices of decision-makers and donors (taking into consideration local/national-level strategic alliances, activities and processes already underway)

Heavily informed by the experiences, perspectives and contributions of children within the targeted countries/region

Identifying key advocacy opportunities to highlight/raise awareness on the intersections between factors of age, gender and disability in relation to sexual violence

Outlining possible opportunities for participatory child- or youth-led advocacy initiatives, including those with disabilities, particularly at the regional and international levels

Exploring innovative means, methodologies and dissemination channels to influence policy and practice

Comprehensive regional/international advocacy strategy (in written report format, both Word and PDF versions) which is concise and action-oriented, including the identification of strategic alliances and partners, as well as practical tools and guidelines

Three year action plan, including project activities and actions foreseen at the local/national levels which can eventually feed into a wider regional/international level

Presentation of advocacy strategy (in PowerPoint format), briefly outlining key elements and recommendations, for validation by the Ubuntu Care Steering Committee

Debriefing (via Skype) with key HI support staff All written work product should be provided in English. It is expected that the assignment will take 10-12 working days, and is intended to be home-based due to limited financial resources. In the event that the consultant is already based within the region in one of the target countries, there may be some scope for field-level activities (but this will be discussed on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with HI staff) to allow for consultation with children and other project stakeholders.






The final deadline for all deliverables will be 26 June 2017.

Minimum four years professional experience in advocacy work, including strategy development and child participation

Proven track record of accomplishments in the advocacy sector (preferably at regional or international level)

Strong understanding of the East African context; potential key entry points and possible targets; principal actors (relevant donors, institutions, other INGOs); as well as, the linkages between child protection, sexual/gender-based violence and disability

Ability to present complex information in a concise, action-oriented and practical advocacy strategy, grounded in the prevailing realities of the context as well as new and upcoming trends

Excellent command of both English and French

Master’s degree in International Relations, Human Rights or other social sciences (or equivalent by experience)

Ability to work independently with minimal supervision while meeting deadlines

Willingness to adhere to Handicap International’s child safeguarding measures


How to apply: 


Interested candidates are asked to submit a technical and financial proposal explaining their understanding of the TOR, timeline of key activities (including exact number of consultancy days), proposed daily rate and updated CV.

Applications are due by 17 May 2017, and should be sent to Nidhi Kapur (Ubuntu Project Regional Coordinator) at the following address:  The subject line of the email should read: ‘Ubuntu Advocacy Consultant.

Due to limited resources, we ask for your understanding that only applicants selected for short-listing will be contacted.


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