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IGIHE CY'ISARURA, 3rd Anual Conferance, Kigali, Rwanda - DATE: 18-26/11/2017

IGIHE CY'ISARURA, 3rd Anual Conferance, Kigali, Rwanda - DATE: 18-26/11/2017

3rd Anual Conferance THEME: Igihe cy'Isarura DATE:...

2 JOBS at EarthEnable, Nyamata, Rwanda - CLOSE: 01/12/2017

2 JOBS at EarthEnable, Nyamata, Rwanda - CLOSE: 01/12/2017

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64 JOBS at ARC, Rwanda - CLOSE: 25/11/2017

64 JOBS at ARC, Rwanda - CLOSE: 25/11/2017

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16 JOBS in Schools at NYARUGENGE District, Rwanda - CLOSE: 20/11/2017

16 JOBS in Schools at NYARUGENGE District, Rwanda - CLOSE: 20/11/2017

16 JOBS in Schools at NYARUGENGE District, Rwanda ...

36 JOBS at NYARUGENGE District, Rwanda - CLOSE: 20/11/2017

36 JOBS at NYARUGENGE District, Rwanda - CLOSE: 20/11/2017

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2 JOBS at EUCL, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 23/11/2017

2 JOBS at EUCL, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 23/11/2017

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5 JOBS at PIH, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 15/12/2017

5 JOBS at PIH, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 15/12/2017

5 JOBS at PIH, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 15/12/2017 ...

Inzu nziza igurishwa 37 M Rwf ifite ibyumba 5 (+250788446982), Kigali, Rwanda

Inzu nziza igurishwa 37 M Rwf ifite ibyumba 5 (+250788446982), Kigali, Rwanda

Inzu nziza igurishwa 37 M Rwf ifite ibyumba 5 (+25...




Coopérative pour le Développement des Apiculteurs et la Protection de l’Environnement « CODAPE »

E-mail. codape2015@gmail,.com

Tel. 0784250654-0785409623





Coopérative pour le Dévelopement des Apiculteurs et la Protection de l’Environement (CODAPE) is a registered cooperative located in Munini village, Rugogwe cell, Uwinkingi sector, in Nyamagabe district, Southern Province of Rwanda. CODAPE is operates in Nyungwe forest and is made up offive beekeeping groups composed of 125 members engaged in apiary activities mainly to supplement their home income.  It started its activities in May 5, 2002 and has was registered in Rwanda Official Gazette by Rwanda Cooperative Agency in October 18, 2010.


A.    The vision of theCODAPE is to becomeareference point forthe apibusinessin the areaofNyungwe forestand thesurrounding environments.

B.    Mission: Transforming thebeekeeping activity in the area ofNyungwe with a view tochangeliving conditions ofhousehold’sbeekeepersand their environment, strengthening the technical capacity ofits members,facilitating accessto inputs andbeekeepingequipment, and supply the quality honey to the market .

       B. Goal: Contribute to the improvementofsocio-economic living conditionsof beekeepersin the area ofNyungwe by promotingthehoneyindustry

Currently the cooperative is supported by the United State Africa Development Foundation (USADF). The focus of the support is mainly on building cooperative management, accounting and production capacities, developing a comprehensive five years Business Plan. With this support, the cooperative has improvement in thequality and quantityofhoney production, as a result ofthe increasing numberofmodern hive, use of beeswax and bee colonies in modern beehives andtechnical training. Production of honey has been improved.

2. Assignment Objectives 

The objective of this assignment is to evaluate strategies and additional investment needed to further grow and expand the business toward the overall goal contributing to the improvementofsocio-economic living conditionsof beekeepersin the area ofNyungwe by promotingthehoneyindustry

The consultant(s) must assess CODAPE current strategies and operations and develop a comprehensive five year Business Plan covering 2017 -2021 that clearly details the strategies for growth and expansion of the business and the required investment to achieve the desired goals.

The business plan will be a reference guide to CODAPE Board of Directors, and Management to improve quality of their product, improve operations, improve management capacity, access new markets and increase profitability. Also the Business Plan will be used by CODAPE to mobilize resources for investment expansion acceptable by financing institutions and donors.

3. Assignment description and scope of work

A business plan consultant will be hired to work with the management of the CODAPE Union on the development of a suitable business plan which would integrate the following:


·                     Market Analysis

    • Identify metrics of each customer/product tier and relevance to CODAPE business goals

    • Review existing market and distribution channels and strategies

    • Determine satisfaction level of current buyers and recommend improvement if necessary

    • Review and develop plan as necessary for multiple product lines to ensure capacity optimization

    • Investigate the need to modify products for a lower market production and still ensure profits and income to beekeepers.

o    Discuss approach to advertising, promotion and branding

o    Discuss the CODAPE Market, customers segments and competition

o    Analyze current competition and make recommendations for market positioning

    • Recommend ideal prospects

    • Diversify client base through identifying new market channels and entry strategy

    • Correlate buyer needs to CODAPE resources and capacities

  • Strategy for Marketing to Prospective Buyers

    • Develop the “Socially Responsible” angel as well as the smart business approach

o    Identify product characteristics that distinguish high sell-through from slower sellers

o    Expand most desirable assortments and modify or reduce slow turning products

o    Recommend core products from data above that can provide consistent production/income to the Beekeepers.

Production and Technology

o            Review current product lines and their relevance to CODAPE goals.

o  Identify the targeted beneficiaries (honey producers and others in the supply chain) and recommend mutually beneficial relationships for future business sustainability

o                      Develop a production and operations analysis and plan

o                      Develop a technology analysis for cost effective and sustainability.

o                      Determine investments required to meet identified market demand

o                      Recommend new product development strategies for various product lines

Human Resources

o              Assess and evaluate institutional management and human resource capacity

o              Identify existing skill set and recommend strategies for staff development

o              Recommend staffing levels and define roles and responsibilities


·         Review all financial performance data and make recommendations to CODAPE management for improvement of the company’s business operations in a rapidly- growing both local and international market environment.

    • Identify and review historical performance data currently maintained

    • Review existing chart of accounts

      • Add necessary categories to assess producer group efficiencies, skill sets and income measurements

      • Recommend changes as necessary for standard accounting practices

o    Recommend a new Costing, Financial and Production Management Tool if necessary

o    Develop accurate costing, taking into account inflation, all in country costs [shipping, any bank charges, etc] to develop profitable pricing of each product and the need to increase producer income

    • Determine overall working capital needs, including  developing multiple sources for:

      • All raw materials

      • All production processes

    • Determine the need for production advances and recommend timeline

    • Develop concrete plan to address the product cost constraints;

    • Develop strategies for improving efficiency, gross profit and sales;

    • Assess cost efficiencies of longer production cycles for honey products.

·                                                         Projections

o  Develop a 5 year sales forecast for the different products

o  Develop a 5 year production forecast

o  Develop a 5 year staffing plan

o  Prepare 5 years of detailed financial projections including cash flow, profit and loss statement and balance sheet.


o    Determine the various socio-economic impacts associated with CODAPE’s business and make recommendations to increase benefits to the Honey producers and their communities at large


  • Determine environmental impacts at all levels of the supply chain.

  • Recommend mitigating measures to undertake

3.1          General

The consultants shall collect and make use of the available information and apply sound technical practices and methods in carrying out the assignment. The Consultant will be expected to work with CODAPE key stakeholders’ institutions such as USADF and its local partner organization, Africa Development Consultants (ADC), among others.

3.2          The consultants shall, inter alia undertake the following specific objectives:

3.2.1       Review existing data with the view of fitting the CODAPE Business Plan;

3.2.2       Work with the stakeholders to assess the current strengths and weaknesses, the opportunities presented by external environment, and the potential threats to the future of agribusiness enterprises. Make an overview of the sector; analyze the current agribusiness capacities in terms of business and technical skills, access to technologies, markets and funds, etc;

3.2.3       The Business Plan should set priorities and their sequencing to enable CODAPE growth to a sustainable development. The intention is that the Business Plan will be a practical guide to managerial actions for CODAPE, an informative document that can be submitted to financial institutions and development partners.

 It should at minimum focus on the following areas:

·         Identification of current and future producers/suppliers of Honey

·         Identification of the level of production technology, existing and potential markets and existing support and challenges; recommend strategies which will enable CODAPE to attain the required performance standards.

·         From a sample of customers, assess their needs related to the productivity, product quality and safety, capacity building in relation to the technical and managerial issues, product promotion and marketing, etc;

·         Recommend marketing strategies that will enable CODAPE increase its current market share and penetrate to the local/regional market.

·         Critical analysis and recommendation of cost of production, administration cost, and policies relating to sales price and volume.

·         Recommend institutions that CODAPE can collaborate with in addressing those needs.

·         Define training objectives based on the identified training needs, presented in the logical

3.3 Deliverables

This section should be read with its main point 3 (scope of service) above.

The prime deliverable is a comprehensive Five-Year CODAPE Business Plan that includes at minimum the following:

·         Data base Report for supplier of honey and other inputs required for fully utilizing the current and potential CODAPE Production Facility

·         A comprehensive plan detailing the business and social relationship between CODAPE as a cooperative entity with members and non-member suppliers of honey, especially with regard to quality honey production, improved supply, and negotiation of prices of honey.

·         Critical analysis and improvement of market and marketing strategy, sales and distribution plans for  CODAPE

·         Five year detailed budget and financing plan, including financial projections of profitability, cash flow and balance sheet.

·         Assessment and plan for future expansion and modernization of production process to improve standards, reduce production cost, and increase production capacity.

·         A five year Investment Plan.

·         Address management and policy issues suitable for CODAPE as beekeeping  business entity, but also as a Cooperative

·         An executive summary shall be part of the report.

·         If the document is in made in English, the consultant will prepare one copy of it’s true translation of French and vice versa.

3.4 Reporting and time Schedule

The consultant will report to the President of CODAPE . He/she will however consult widely, especially with other CODAPE staff, stakeholders in the private sector, donors, and other institutions.

  • Inception Brief: 3 hard copies including electronic copy to be submitted within 10 working days after commencement and after consultation with key stakeholders. CODAPE and ADC will review within 5 working days after receiving it and give feedback.

  • Draft Final Report: 3 hard copies including electronic copy to be submitted within 4 weeks after commencement. The consultant will deliver a draft business plan document and will present the draft report to key stakeholders in a validation forum. The consultant will then address the concerns of the beneficiaries / forum in the Final Report.

  • Final Report: 3 copies, together with CD Rom containing the full detailed business plan document acceptable to CODAPE to be submitted 1 week after receiving comments from the main stakeholder. These will be submitted to addresses below not more than 8 weeks after commencement.

The President,


 Nyamagabe district, Uwinkingi sector, Rugogwe cell. Southern Province

4. Duration of the consultancy

 The consultancy will take 40 days, including submission of final reports (business plan document).

5.Qualifications/demonstration of capabilities.

    1. University Master degree in Business Administration (MBA), M Sc. Agribusiness;

    2. The consultant should demonstrate relevant experience; by having 3 to 5 years professional experience preferably in the beekeping sector.

    3. The consultant should provide records of where similar assignments were conducted including the value of the contract, the year when the assignment was conducted and the client. By submitting this information, the consultant allows CODAPE to contact the former clients of the consultant regarding the consultants work with them.

    1. The team should have a minimum of 5 years experience in Business Development Service support and in training Business Management subjects with special focus to SMEs;

    2. Good written and spoken knowledge of Kinyarwanda, English or French;

    3. Knowledge of Rwanda and the Rwandan private sector will be considered an added advantage.

5.     Mode of submission

Interested parties should submit their technical and financial proposals either physically or by email attachment, if physically technical and financial proposals should be in separate envelopes, closed and sealed, and clearly addressed to: Mr.NSENGUMUREMYI Théophille, the President CODAPE, Nyamagabe districtor through (c/o) AfricaDevelopment Consultant (ADC) Ltd, Kimironko not later than 17/03/2017, at 17.00 hrs local time. Bidders will be required to sign a register of date and hour of submission at the submission offices. Tender Application should contain document containing:

a.     A technical proposal in which the consultant responds with insight on terms of reference and proposes a working methodology, inputs and out puts, and calendar for the assignment;

b.    A complete financial offer, detailed with activities, quantified with cost, to arrive at the total price.

Qualified and interested consultant(s) may collect the Terms of Reference documents beginning from 03/03/2017

Address to pick Terms of Reference documents: CODAPE situated in Nyamagabe   District , tel 0784250654-0785409623

Terms of Reference document may also be requested by email at the following address:

6. Bid Opening &Review for Selection

Bids received in time and according to submission instructions will be opened and read in the presence of the bidders in Nyamagabe, at the offices of CODAPE on the17/03/2017 at 11.00 Hrs. Bids opened will be read out and entered in the register which will be signed by the bidders.

CODAPE and it’s partners will under no obligation give more weight to the technical proposal of the bidder and the lowest cost, provided that the selected bidder’s financial offer is within the budget limit. If it happens that the financial offer of the most responsive bidder is well higher than the approved budget, the second most responsive bidder will be selected, and so on.


President CODAPE

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