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Published date: 12/07/2018
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Details of listing: TOR for UMUHUZA POLICIES DEVELOPMENT at Umuhuza, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 17/07/2018



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Umuhuza is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2005 and is recognized by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in the official gazette no. 50 bis of 15/12/2014 with legal personality no. 104/2014. Umuhuza aims to foster a culture of peace through education focusing on educating parents of young children to promote improved childhood development and to create peaceful citizens.

Our vision

Umuhuza envisions a society in which communities live in harmony, mutual respect, and dignity.


Umuhuza undertakes the task to promote a culture of peace through peaceful conflict management and respect of human rights.


  • Mutual respect

  • Honesty

  • Justice

  • Solidarity

  • Commitment


  • Instil the culture of peace and conflict management capability within the Rwandan community;

  • Promote mutual respect, justice, social and economic equity;

  • Revive the positive traditional values of our culture regarding conflict management;

  • Break the conflict circle by creating an environment of active listening and counselling to the victims of conflicts;

  • Participate in the national efforts to strengthen social cohesion by promoting the education and the culture of open dialogue within different communities.

Our approaches

  • Community-based:  We work with families and local leaders directly.

  • Partnerships:  We work in partnership with like-minded organizations with similar goals.

  • Sustainability: We design our programs and activities for long-term sustainability.

  • All Umuhuza programs are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Rwanda’s National Vision 2020, as well as the National Transformation Strategy.

Our programs

Umuhuza has developed a five-year strategic plan containing four main programmatic areas, including Gender and Economic Sub-Strategies that are part of all our programs:

  1. Peace Education(conflict prevention and management, child protection, human rights)

  2. Family Literacy (Early Childhood Development and Culture of Reading);

  3. Community Economic Empowerment

  4. Organizational Development 

To implement the above programs, Umuhuza has been operating from the districts of Gicumbi and Ngororero in the promotion the family literacy (Culture of reading and early childhood development. In 2017, Early Childhood interventions were extended to Gasabo district, in Kigali city. Beginning of this year, the culture of reading through a literacy boost project has been extended to Rulindo, Gakenke, Rutsiro, Ngororero, Huye and Gisagara. From 2016, Umuhuza has been implementing a child protection, positive discipline project in Burera and Ruhango and Mureke Dusome all districts by September 2018.

Since 2005, Umuhuza’s work is oriented by administrative documents including the official status, Umuhuza child safeguarding policy, Umuhuza Governance body, financial manual and Human resources and Administrative manual. All the above documents have been of great help in the past but taking into consideration the current context and the organizational growth, it is crucial to Umuhuza to have clear and separate guidelines stating how key issues like gender, youth, disabilities, etc are applied and embedded in its work and approaches.

Overall purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of this assignment is directly linked to Umuhuza program aiming at developing and strengthening the organizational administrative and financial management by having an organizational charter with guidelines and policies adapted to Umuhuza mission and values as well as programmatic areas including the culture of Peace, Gender, Volunteerism and Disabilities (6).

Specifically, the exercise will:

a) Review existing manuals at Umuhuza and key partners/stakeholders including but not limited to the national gender policy, save the children gender policy, Young Women Christian Association gender policy and the National Itorero Commission policy on Voluntarism

b) Develop specific Umuhuza organizational charter including policies on the Culture of Peace, Gender, Voluntarism, Disabilities;

c) Present the charter to key stakeholders for validation.


Based on existing national and key stakeholders' policies relating to gender, disabilities, voluntarism and conflict of interests, the consultant will be responsible for designing and producing:

  • Umuhuza organizational charter;

  • The culture of Peace guidelines;

  • Gender guidelines;

  • Voluntarism guidelines;

  • People with disabilities guidelines;

After presenting a draft document covering all the above-mentioned fields, the consultant will be responsible of presenting the draft to key Umuhuza partners and stakeholders and integrate their inputs and comments in the final document to be submitted at the end of June.

Experience and skills

  • Solid academic background in the social sciences;

  • Strong experience in policy, manual and procedure development;

  • Experience in gender, conflict management or related topics;

  • Knowledge of the work of non-governmental organizations in Rwanda and the social context;

  • Solid knowledge and practical experience in community-based approaches, including experience in participatory approaches and methodologies;

  • Computer skills, including the use of email, internet, and designing/publication;

  • Fluency in written and spoken of English and Kinyarwanda.


Interested consultants or companies are required to submit their proposals by email to or physically dropped at Umuhuza offices located in Gasabo district, Remera Sector, near Tax Park not later than July 17th, 2018 at 5:30 pm. The proposals should include:

  • A technical proposal highlighting the understanding of the work, the proposed methodology, a detailed work plan, curriculum vitae and proof of completion of similar assignments;

  • A financial proposal detailing the cost of carrying out the work and the desired payment modalities.

For any clarification or inquiry, please address your question to Umuhuza via email at

Done at Kigali, 10/07/2018


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