Consultant sought to conduct a Feasibility study to Identify viable Business Opportunities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru At Trócaire, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 19/07/2021
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Consultant sought to conduct a Feasibility study to Identify viable Business Opportunities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru At Trócaire, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 19/07/2021

(TOR) for Consultant sought to conduct a Feasibility study to Identify viable Business Opportunities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru


Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, established in 1973 and currently has presence in more than 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia including Rwanda.

Terms of Reference (TOR) for consultant sought to conduct a feasibility study to identify viable business opportunities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru

Organization Trócaire Rwanda

BHC Building, 260 Bvd de l’Umuganda, Kacyiru, P.O. Box 2040,

Kigali, Rwanda

Tel: (+250) 0252 502663 / (+250) 0252 502664


Programme Pillar Resources Rights
Reference Expression of Interest (EOI) for bids sought from suitably qualified consulting firms and individual consultants


Assignment Carry out a feasibility study to identify viable business opportunities in the targeted area including the identification of market linkages as well as the identification of new business opportunities.
Release Date


06 July 2021
Due Date for EOIs Monday 19 July, 2021 at 5pm

1.    Background 

Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland, established in 1973 and currently has presence in more than 17 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia including Rwanda. Trócaire has been operating in Rwanda since 1994 and is currently implementing a 5-year Strategic plan from 2016-2020 focused on three programme pillars: Resource Rights, Women’s Empowerment and Preparing and Responding to Emergencies. Trócaire does not implement programmes directly. Instead, the organization works in partnership with local civil society and Catholic organisations in seven districts in Rwanda.

Trócaire Rwanda secured a co-funded grant from Jersey Overseas Aid for the implementation of a 4 year project entitled ‘Community led planning and management for biodiversity protection and resilient communities in Southern Rwanda”.

The project is oriented towards empowering rural, poor communities living around the Nyungwe National Park to assess, plan and sustainably manage their land and common natural resources leading to more environmentally and economically sustainable and resilient communities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru Districts.

2.    Confidentiality

Trócaire will treat the content of all submissions strictly confidential and information provided in the proposals will be used solely for recruiting a suitable consultant to carry out a feasibility study as described in this document.

3.    Purpose and scope of the assignment 

The purpose of this Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) is to solicit the services of a consultancy firm (consultant) to carry out a feasibility study to identify viable business model opportunities in the project-targeted area. The study will look into the identification of market linkages as well as the identification of new opportunities. The feasibility study will take the specific needs of women into account and provide detailed recommendations of viable income generating alternatives that addresses their specific needs.

4.    Expected Deliverables 

The consultant is expected to carry out the following main tasks:

  • Assessment of the businesses proposed by the VSLAs and/or individual community members for income generation
  • Identification of key small businesses that have the potential to contribute to rural livelihoods within the project area
  • Undertake a brief market assessment to identify local trends, market size, supply and demand gaps.
  • Market analyses of the key proposed products including the growth potential, market opportunities and barriers
  • Identification of successful business models and ‘social’ enterprises including an analysis of successful business models and best practices in the area for upgrading the value chains
  • Identification of enabling regulatory and policy frameworks for upgrading value chains and promoting business models that provide higher returns to rural communities, especially women.
  • Support the VSLA members that have the potential and the aspiration to start up their own business through business coaching and business plan development.

The specific objectives of the exercise will be finalized and agreed upon with the Trócaire team and the selected consultant prior to starting.

5.    Duration of the assignment

The assignment is expected to start within August 2021 and should be completed by end of September 2021.

6.    Expertise required and Qualification:

Interested registered consultants’ /consulting firms should demonstrate relevant experience in the following areas:

  • At least five (5) years of relevant experience providing similar services related to conducting feasibility studies;
  • Strong understanding of saving and lending groups functionality as well as the cash earning needs of smallholders
  • Understanding of smallholders’ (especially women farmers’) trading desires, needs and challenges
  • Understanding of rural development agenda
  • Experience in farming activities and off farm livelihoods alternative challenges and risks
  • Extended experience in working with small scale farmers in rural areas
  • Minimum of Masters in marketing related fields, businesses, development studies, and/or other relevant fields
  • Good command of English and Kinyarwanda with ability to present and moderate discussions in any of these languages
  • Working within agreed deadlines while producing high quality outputs

7.    Documentation required for EOI

Consultants/Consulting companies submitting EOIs should submit the following:

  • Technical bid showing clear understanding of the scope of assignment and examples of similar assignments done before (reports);
  • Financial bid with clear breakdown of costs and rate per day in RWF;
  • VAT Registration and Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • Payment terms and pricing structure;
  • Proposed turnaround time in line with the proposed timeline above;
  • Contact details of 3 references;
  • Proof of registration with relevant institutions

8.    General Terms and Conditions

Trócaire Rwanda reserves the right to reject any Expressions of Interest not fulfilling requirements associated with this request. Trócaire Rwanda will in no case be responsible or liable for all costs associated with the preparation and submission of Expressions of Interest.

  • Trócaire does not bind itself to accept the lowest priced tender;
  • Trócaire reserves the right to engage other companies / consultants if required;

Trócaire shall be free to:

  • To accept the whole, or part only, of any EOI;
  • To accept none of the EOIs tendered;
  • To republish this Request for EOIs;
  • In the event of not accepting any of the EOIs received on foot of this Request for EOI, Trócaire shall be free to make such arrangements as it considers necessary in relation to the provision of the services;
  • The EOI shall maintain strict confidentiality in relation to the services being sought and the evaluation process;
  • Any subsequent contract shall be considered as a contract made in Rwanda, according to Rwanda law; and
  • The Standard Terms and Conditions to which Trócaire expects all of its supplier to respect is found on the Trócaire website –

9.    Conflict of interest

Any conflict of interest involving an applicant must be fully disclosed to Trócaire. Failure to disclose a conflict may disqualify an applicant or invalidate an award of the contract. Applicants are required to declare any current or past work that might reasonably be considered to represent a conflict of interest.  It will be for Trócaire to decide if any material conflict of interest exists and applicants in doubt in this regard should seek the advice of Trócaire.

10.    Safeguarding 

Trócaire is committed to safeguarding Programme participants from any form of exploitation or abuse as a result of our programmes or activities.  Anyone working for or on behalf of Trócaire must share this commitment. Trócaire’s Position Statement on Exploitation and Abuse and Trócaire’s Child Safeguarding Policy Summary document outline expectations in this regard, including a Code of Conduct.   All consultants, representatives and volunteers of Trócaire will be expected to sign these documents along with a Declaration Form and a Self-Declaration Form.

11.    Contract type and period 

The consultancy contract is a fixed term consultancy contract and will commence at a specific date to be determined by the Country Management Team (CMT), and at the end of this date, the Consultant is expected to have completed all the tasks outlined herein. The contract duration will have a maximum of 6 months.

12.    Intellectual property

Any concepts, guidelines or other material developed during the contract will be considered as property of Trócaire and may be used by Trócaire.

13.    Termination of Contract

Trócaire reserves the right to terminate the contract at any stage on payment of reasonable and agreed costs accrued to the date of termination.

If at any stage during the contract, the services delivered by the consultant is found to be unsatisfactory, Trócaire may terminate the contract. In the event of such a termination, the consultant will only be entitled to receive payment in relation to the acceptable services rendered at that time.

14.    Submission of Expression of Interests (EOI)

The EOIs should be submitted only through email to and copying clearly indicating “EOI to conduct a feasibility study” in the subject heading.   The financial proposal should be inclusive of tax and quoted in Rwandan Francs (RWF). Demonstrable experience and Value for Money (VFM) will be key considerations in evaluating proposals submitted. Only suitably qualified consulting firms and individual consultants’ resident in Rwanda will be considered. Any questions regarding this consultancy should be directed to and copying

The deadline for the receipt of bids is 5 pm 19 July 2021


Country Director


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