Social & Community Development Officer At RUZIZI III Energy Limited - RWANDA - CLOSE: 23/07/2021
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GIS and Database Officer At RUZIZI III Energy Limited – RWANDA – CLOSE: 23/07/2021

GIS and Database Officer

RUZIZI III Energy Limited

Job Description – GIS and Database Officer


The GIS and Database Officer (GDO) will support the day-to-day activities related to the implementation of the Ruzizi III project activities including project land acquisition and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) implementation.


  • Direct Report: E&S Manager
  • Subordinates: Project Team
  • Internal: Project Director, Board of Directors, Project Steering Committee, Project financing team
  • External: Peoples and organizations impacted by the implementation of the project (Landowner, land users, etc.) owners (IPS/Scatec), contractors incl. consultants


The GDO will work in close liaison with the Project Environmental and Social Manager. The primary duties include the following:

1. Provide technical support on GIS and related matters;
2.  Design, develop, customize, and maintain discipline specific GIS (maps, tables, etc.)
3. Undertake spatial analyses and create information products from the GIS related software and systems to meet Census specific needs;
4. Review and make routine interpretations of data sources and use basic GIS software functions to enter, edit and update GIS spatial data, including points, lines and polygons, and attribute data into databases or layers, following standard procedures.
5. Provide quality control with regard to data capture, evaluation of data acquired from census data collectors and develop database;
6. Carry out research on standard source documents such as track maps, parcel maps, cadastral maps, legal descriptions, permits, as-built drawings and other records to verify the accuracy and completeness of data prior to input; uses standard scripts and queries to search for and correct missing, incomplete or inaccurate spatial and attribute data
7. Assist in the preparation of base maps for the project features (reservoirs, power house, Camps, roads, transmission lines … ) and undertake digitization, geo-referencing, ground verification, etc.;
8. Work closely with REL team in collating spatial and non-spatial information with respect to plot boundaries, network of basic infrastructure such as roads, drainage and water lines, Transmissions lines etc.;
9.  Provide support to REL staffs, engineers, planners, and developers regarding GIS information, such as asset locations, Reservoir information, and related needs.
10. Manage the project database and related information
11. Any other task as assigned by the Project director and project Manager.


The SCO will report to the Project Director and copy the Environmental and Social Manager who will supervise his/her work.

On an output basis, the officer will be expected to submit: (i) a brief narrative/monthly report, outlining the work accomplished in delivering the specific monthly output; (ii) an outline of the work expected to be completed for the next deliverable/month; (iii) stakeholder consultation summaries at different levels (national and local); and, (iv) comments or recommendations relating to monitoring reports and progress of the implementation of the RAP activities.


The appointment of the officer will be for a period of two years and is subject to extension, as needed. The officer will be based within the project area.  Priority will be given to nationals originating from the 3 countries (Burundi, DRC and Rwanda). Women candidates are especially encouraged to apply.


The GDO, preferably a citizen of one of the three Ruzizi III project countries, will be selected based on the following criteria:

a)  Advanced knowledge of ArcGIS
b)  Bachelor’s degree or higher;
c)  Knowledgeable in Geographical data management and utilization, familiarity with coordinate geometry, data conversion and validation, spatial analysis and visualization.
d)  Proficiency with GIS software (ArcGIS and Quantum GIS)
e)  Knowledge about data processing, evaluation and organizing the collection, storage, usage of geographic data and visualization
f)  Ability to solve GIS-specific problems and convey GIS information to non-GIS people
g) Good interpersonal communication and coordination skills
h)  Ability to adhere to deadlines, Detail oriented and flexibility
i)   Fluent in English and French


Interested candidates should send their applications at ( and upload application documents including Curriculum Vitae, copies of degree certificates and professional certificates, motivation letter, names of three previous supervisors (as one document) as well as their emails and telephone.

Only online applications shall be considered.

Address all applications to the Project Director of Ruzizi III Energy Ltd.

Deadline for application: Friday, July 23rd , 2021.

Due to expected high volume of applications, ONLY shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Done in Kigali, July 6th, 2021

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