Announcement at Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (Rppa), Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 02/09/2022

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Announcement at Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (Rppa), Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 02/09/2022

Pursuant to the Law N° 25/2011 of 30/06/2011 Establishing Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA) and Determining Its Mission, Organization and Functioning especially in its art. 4, which confers powers to RPPA to summon anyone and require him/her to provide any information relevant to the fulfillment of its mission;

In accordance to article 179 of the Law N° 62/2018 of 25/08/2018 Governing Public Procurement, the RPPA is summoning the Managing Directors of the Companies listed in the table below to come to its Head Offices located in Kigali City, Grand Pension Plaza building, 12th floor, to give explanations regarding reported faults:

Environment Company for Promotion of Education in Furrow Ltd. (TIN: 107510418)18th August 2022 at

08:00 AM

Providing false information in a tender No 00 000013/G/NCB/2019/2020/RWFA of MUHAZI Catchment restoration, batch 2 in a Joint-venture with BETTER SERVING COMPANY LTD
SABA Engineering PLC (TIN: 0000010612)2nd September 2022 at

11:00 AM

Providing False information in a tender for Consulting Services for Construction Supervision for Phase 3 infrastructures in 6 Secondary Cities;
FANCY NUTRITION Ltd (TIN: 108921704)18th August 2022 at

11:00 AM

Failure to perform contractual obligations in the tender of ‘contrat de la fourniture des materiaux de maintenance/ou de reparation des infrastructures de l’hopital de Shyira
M.J.D.P GROUP Ltd (TIN: 108979535)19th August 2022 at

11:00 Am

Poor performance in the tender of ‘’Acquisition and fixing of a car parking shade at District Office’

Done at Kigali on 02nd August 2022


Director General.

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