Assistant Warden At Rivera High School, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 04/07/2021
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Assistant Warden At Rivera High School, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 04/07/2021

Assistant Warden

Rivera High School

Rivera High School is an international secondary boarding school in Kigali Rwanda, a private education institution that was established in 2007. It was founded in response to the President’s appeal for investors to enter the private education sector.

Vacancy Announcement

Job title

Assistant Warden



Job Category

Full time




2 years renewable contract




Mid-August 2021

Institution Information

Rivera High School is an international secondary boarding school in Kigali Rwanda, a private education institution that was established in 2007. It was founded in response to the President’s appeal for investors to enter the private education sector. It is a high-quality secondary boarding school with a capacity of 600 male and female learners.

Our Mission is “to produce in large numbers a special quality of student whom universities and employers will compete to enrol, due to their high levels of performance, ethics and good citizenship”.

Our vision is to “deliver a student-centred education underpinned by established teaching skills and a strong school culture which ensures that it is high-performing, disciplined, ethical, self-developmental and aware of its educational and social environment”.

We are one of the few schools in Kigali that offer 3 curriculum – the Rwanda National Curriculum, BTEC and Cambridge International. We are also an accredited BTEC and SAT centre. We are proud of the diversity of our students and staff, with over 10 nationalities represented.

Discipline is highly prized and well maintained at three levels – spiritualsocial and academic.

Reporting Relationships

The Assistant Warden reports to the Head of Boarding and welfare. He/she works closely with the warden, matron, nurses and caretakers.

Job summary/overall goal of the position

The assistant warden is responsible for Maintain a proactive disciplinary profile around the campus of all girls and boys respectively; deal with minor cases on the spot; bring major cases to the Discipline Committee; serve on the Discipline Committee; assist in developing and implementing the disciplinary policies of the school.

Take on counselling duties for the boys in hostels, in collaboration with the School counsellor with the support of the Head of Faculty. Maintain standard counselling routines and bring major/critical cases to the Head of Boarding &Welfare for further management

Duties  and responsibilities




Dormitory Administration

  • Take a Roll Call every evening when there are students in residence. Copy the Roll Call list once a week to the Head of Boarding & Welfare
  • Submit a Daily Report to  the Head of Boarding & welfare using the format provided
  • Host the Weekly Inspection of the Hostel by senior staff and students
  • Draw up/maintain dormitory lists in which each student is allocated a room and a bed
  • Post the lists on the wall at the entrance to each dorm and show the Dorm Captain’s name
  • Label each bed and each locker with the name of the user
  • Post rules for conduct in the dorms and enforce them
  • Post the names of students given area responsibilities in respect of cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Post guidelines for use of the Common Room
  • Post the Emergency Evacuation Rules and rehearse the emergency drills
  • Keep a Hostel Log Book; record details of all incidents involving safety, security, infrastructure and disciplinary issues and any other anomalies.
  • Submit a report to the Head of Boarding & Welfare at the end of every term

Student safety

  • Design safety exit procedures with designated senior/responsible students

Ensure that, from day one, every incoming student knows the hostel layout and the emergency assembly points.

  • Exercise routine supervision of students to ensure that their safety needs are met
  • Ensure that emergency evacuation procedures are known to the students and well understood
  • Carry out regular fire drills in which every student participates. Every student group must have a designated place at the assembly point.
  • Ensure that the keys are accessible in case of fire; precautions must be taken to prevent abuse of the keys
  • Ensure that the hostels are secure against intruders

Student conduct, cleanliness and care

  • Monitor student behaviour in and around the dormitories; deal with offences and misconduct
  • Routinely report all discipline cases to the Discipline Committee or Head of Boarding & Welfare
  • Ensure cleanliness and tidiness in and around the dormitories.
  • Make daily checks on the fittings, furniture and fabrics of the hostels and report cases of loss or damage immediately.
  • Keep a record of such cases of loss and damage, including the name of the person responsible, once known. Develop a culture of respect for the fabrics, furnishings and décor of the hostels.
  • Discourage and give corrective measures, if necessary, any avoidable spoiling of the environment, including drawing graffiti and the like
  • Report sickness cases to the Nurse and copy Head of Boarding & Welfare for immediate management/ treatment
  • Ensure that students are decently and appropriately dressed on leaving the hostels. The students must leave the hostels correctly dressed in full school uniform for their next activity. The school uniform must be correctly and tidily worn.
  • Ensure a decent and appropriate standard of dress in and around the hostels.


  • Ensure wakes up, night-time roll calls and lights out is strictly enforced by the hostel staff. Hostel roll calls must be taken very frequently and in accordance with school regulations
  • Ensure that the students leave in good time for their next activity and that they return punctually at the end of activities
  • Be physically present in the hostel at critical times to ensure that students are out in time for the next activity and also to give professional support to the other members of hostel management

Routines and standards to observe

  • Assist the Warden in managing, counselling and share responsibilities with the Matron, assistant matron and caretaker.
  • Monitor and supervise the communal activities in the hostels
  • Enforce the TV rules and timings; hostel staff may watch with the students from time to time. (NB: The TV’s are not for use by non-hostel staff; it is important to implement this requirement.)
  • Develop a culture of harmonious living in the hostels – proactively discourage theft and bullying, in particular.
  • Be a role model to the students; counsel, guide and educate them
  • Monitor and report on the effectiveness and conduct of school workers assigned to tasks in the dormitories e.g. cleaners
  • Make frequent checks for illicit or prohibited items, such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol and weapons
  • Lock and unlock the hostel doors as per routine requirements
  • Schedule and hold dormitory meetings as a forum for students to raise issues.
  • Attend all school functions and staff briefings
  • Manage and supervise the use of school phones by students within a specified time
  • Work closely with the CCTV Camera staff for daily reports (both night and day) and deal with minor incidences in the report and report to the Head of Boarding and Welfare any serious cases/footage captured for further management

Person specifications

Qualifications, skills and experience needed


  • Professional experience and maturity
  • Clean professional record in an educational institution
  • Degree or Higher Diploma
  • Suitability for senior management responsibilities
  • Readiness to reside on-site
  • Balance of firm student management and a humane approach
  • High level of written and spoken English
  • Good IT and documentation skills
  • Exposure to international environments
  • Dedication,
  • Integrity and Stamina


  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Effective communication skills for dealing with students, parents, teachers and support staff
  • Should be organized, energetic and self-directed.
  • Ability to interact at all levels.
  • Optimizing diversity.
  • Strong intellect and vision.
  • Aligning performance for success.
  • Gender-sensitive

How to apply:

All interested candidates are requested to send their application letters and updated CV together with copies of their academic credentials not later than 04th July 2021,

On our email:

We highly encourage females or women to apply.

Note:  Applicants MUST submit 3 referees one of whom MUST be their present Principal/ employer and only school email addresses are valid, NOT random Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc…..

Only qualified applicants will be contacted within 14 days after their submission

Riviera High School is an equal opportunity employer.

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