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Call for Proposal of Individual Consultancy to serve as Midterm Review Coordinator At IntraHealth, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 10/07/2021

Call for Proposal of Individual Consultancy to serve as Midterm Review Coordinator



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Request for applications to Conduct Ingobyi Midterm Evaluation   

Scope of Work

Call for proposal of individual consultancy to serve as Midterm Review Coordinator

Background and Objectives of the Consultancy

Brief Background:

 USAID Ingobyi Activity is a five-year grant from USAID. IntraHealth International, in close coordination with the MOH, is leading a consortium to reduce preventable infant and maternal deaths, reduce the incidence of malaria, and bring high-quality, integrated health services to more Rwandan mothers, children, and adolescents. In addition, Ingobyi is working in collaboration with the national Ebola Viral Disease preparedness taskforce to prevent the spread of the disease into Rwanda.

The Activity works in 20 districts to: (1) increase equitable access to services related to reproductive health, malaria, and maternal, newborn, and child health; (2) improve the quality of these services along the entire continuum of care; and (3) strengthen ministry and district health officials’ planning and management capacity. IntraHealth’s partners on Ingobyi are World Vision Rwanda, Urunana Development Communication, Ingenuity Ltd., Society for Family Health Rwanda, and Akros, Inc. The Ingobyi Activity consortium works closely with three professional associations: the Rwanda Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Rwanda Pediatric Association, and Rwanda Association of Midwives.

The strategic objective of the activity is to improve the utilization and quality of RMNCH and malaria services in a sustainable manner.  To achieve the project objective, Ingobyi will need to produce three key results that are critical to ensuring that babies and mothers are treated with the highest degree of care. The Ingobyi Activity results framework guides the planning, implementation and monitoring of activities, as well as the management and communication of the Activity results.

The elements of this results framework are aligned to the three Activity results:

  • IR 1: Increased equitable access to RMNCH/malaria services in targeted districts
  • IR 2: Improved quality of high impact RMNCH/malaria services along the continuum of care in targeted districts
  • IR 3: Strengthened performance of the health system at central and decentralized levels.

 Overarching Goal of the Work

The mid-term evaluation of the USAID Ingobyi Activity aims to 1) assess progress towards Activity results, and 2) make recommendations for improving current Activity implementation and future USAID investments. As close partner and vital stakeholder, the Government of Rwanda will use the evaluation’s findings to track Activity progress and identify best practices for possible scale up.

Consultant value

IntraHealth currently requires the services of a consultant to act as Midterm Review Coordinator to oversee data collection and cleaning and support data analysis and reporting. The Midterm Review Coordinator is responsible for the management of the data collectors and oversight of data collection and data entry.

Responsibilities of the Midterm Review Coordinator

The consultant will be responsible for the following:

  • Conduct key/high level in-depth interviews with sampled stakeholders
  • Oversee data collection and data quality
  • Supervise data entry and cleaning (in partnership with Ingobyi Activity staff)
  • Conduct some qualitative analysis

Weekly consultations will be undertaken via Zoom with the Lead Consultant, Ingobyi staff, and HQ support throughout the performance period for this work.

Activities and method:

1.    Finalize data collection  tools (in collaboration with Lead Coordinator and Ingobyi staff) (Consultant LOE 5 Days)

  • Field test data collection tools, especially the discussion/interview guides
  • Prepare data for secondary data analysis

2.    Oversee data collection (in collaboration with Lead Consultant and Ingobyi staff) (Consultant LOE 15 Days)

  • Coordinate and conduct training of data collectors
  • Oversee fieldwork and supervise data collection team
  • Coordinate data collection team schedules and travel
  • Apply quality control procedures and ensure data quality standards are achieved
  • Supervise data entry and cleaning
  • Conduct some key informant interviews
  • Develop data entry platforms

3.    Support data analysis (In collaboration with Lead Consultant, Ingobyi staff and HQ support) (Consultant LOE 8 Days)

  • Collaborate with Lead Consultant to extract data points from multiple source documents and databases
  • Conduct thematic/content analysis of qualitative data

4.    Support evaluation report (In collaboration with Lead Consultant, Ingobyi staff and HQ support) (Consultant 2 Days LOE)

4. Deliverables and Reports

The consultant will submit the following deliverables to IntraHealth in line with the activities and method outlined above.

  1. Data entry platforms
  2. Data sets (cleaned and final)

7. Location

The consultant will be expected to travel within Rwanda, conditions permitting, during data collection period.

8. Travel

Ingobyi Activity-supported districts throughout Rwanda

9. Consultant Qualifications

The assignment will require a consultant with demonstrable competencies and experiences in:

  • Expertise in quantitative and qualitative data collection and data analysis
  • Demonstrated experience conducting evaluative studies
  • Experience supervising data collection teams
  • Experience in working with Rwanda government health agencies
  • French language skills

The individual consultant will hold a minimum Master’s degree in public health, epidemiology, global health research or other similar fields and at least 5 years of related experience.

10.Evaluation of proposals

Proposals will be evaluated as follows:

  • Technical proposal: 70% marks
  • Financial proposal:30% marks

How to apply

Interested applicants are requested to submit a technical and financial proposal (in English), electronically by July 10, 2021 to email should be titled “Ingobyi Midterm Review Coordinator”.

Technical proposal should explain how the applicant intends to carry out the work and should include the following:

  • Updated CV(s) of the proposed study team, highlighting relevant qualifications and experience.
  • Certificate of protection of participants in research of not more than one year ago.
  • Description of applicant’s experience with studies of a similar nature and details of 3 former clients who can be contacted for reference (name, position, contact details).
  • Detailed methodology that the consultant(s) suggest would be appropriate from their understanding of the TOR.
  • Detailed study schedule.

The financial proposal should detail the proposed budget for the assignment with daily rate (tax inclusive) in local currency.


Call for Proposal of Individual Consultancy to serve as Midterm Review Coordinator At IntraHealth, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE 10072021

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