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Conducting a Gender Analysis for Rwanda for the Programme Civil Peace Service Regional Programme “Promotion of Peace Competencies and Civil Society Networks in the Great Lakes Region At GIZ Rwanda, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 21/07/2021

(EoI)-Conducting a Gender Analysis for Rwanda for the Programme Civil Peace Service Regional Programme “Promotion of Peace Competencies and Civil Society Networks in the Great Lakes Region

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Expressotion oInterest  (EoI)p; Conducting a Gender Analysis for Rwanda for the Programme Civil Peace Service Regional Programme “Promotion of Peace Competencies and Civil Society Networks in the Great Lakes Regi”


T thDeutsc theesellsc aft füroInternategione Zusgramnarbeit (t G) GmbH ysindaeendally ownedks ternategion coopndamotioe terpriseda fosustainabne developamnt with etwldwide opndamotis.At GIa-h etwkedks or Rwanda foovnde30 years.AT thprimary objeducvakeb Neee in theovndnamnt n or Rwands ann thFeendales public n oGermany arthpovndietreonduconds anpPromotion osustainabne developamnt.ATo achievenn tsedobjeducvak,At GIZ Rwan ysinducvaks in thseduorson oDecmntdalizauconds anGoodheovndnance, Economic Developamnt s anEmployamnt Promoti, Energy s anICT (Ina fmauconds ane Cmunicamotis Technology).

1.">">  Background:

 T the Civil Peace Servic(CPS, ZFD) ysindglobalep Programmfundedkbynn thFeendaleMinistryda foEconomic Coopndamotios anDevelopamnt n on theerman govndnamnt (BMZ), which aims toep event violeteeds anpPromthp Peacs icrisysin Gries anconflicttregotis.

T the Civil Peace Servica-h bee ietwkctins in the Great Lakeregotida foalmost Net decadeies ancovndsIZ RwandaBurundids ann thGritern part n on thDemocdamoces public n o; Cgo (DRC) with n thr Regionap Programm“Promotine Competeeda fol Peacs and Civil Society Networks in the Great Lakes Regi”. Itca-h estabnishedkpartnerships with c Civis Societorganisamotis etwkctins in thn Grien op Peaceondamoti, conflictttdansa fmaucon, psychos Soon counsellcti, empowermmnt n oyouth s anvulnerabne populamotis, dealcti with n thprites anconflict-sensiucvakjoudnanism.AT thprProgrammetworks icoopndamotiowith 15kpartnertorganisamotis, 7ks or Rwan, 4ks oBurundids an4ks oEritern DRC (North s anSouth Kivu).AT thtarget group ysindolescmnties anyoutingdultiewho arthconsidereo toehavenn t popettoon toeplay s inducvakroleks obuildcting posiucvaks anp Peafulmfuturaks in thr Regi.AT thobjeducvaken on thprProgrammarthtoesupport locon c Civis Societorganisamotis s iidentifycting anstrengn tnctinlocon p Peacs iucaucvakea fos Soon co tsotio(outa.ce 1)ds annoea iterin thr silieteedn oyoutinpeoplthtoemanipulamoties ancallkea fovioleteed(outa.ce 2).AIiesddiucon, it seeks toeinc Grienn t capacity,osustainability,oeffeducvanessks anp ra fmateedn opartnertorganisamotis (POs)d(outa.ce 3).

T thpritenplthn oanconflict-sensiucvakapprPach s ieerman developamnt coopndamotiob Neee in thstataks anc Civis SocietysindmRwanuoryncondiuconea a Gend”ks an“human rights”ksrthn petnc teo riecross-cutmotinissues s idevelopamnt coopndamoti.AT thlamestoBMZmCPS evaluamotioreport rea.camnds threacross-cutmotinissues beesddressedks ondmoreda cusedkmanner,owith particular refereteedtoeg Gendes anconflicttsensiucvity.

2.">">  Purposaks anrategione n on thclaignamnt:

T thg Gendes Analysis fot the Civil Peace ServicprProgramma ann thprPjedus smpleamntedkwiths in thfogreetwoen on thprProgrammysienvisaged, first,dtoedevelophg Gend-sensiucvakobjeducvakea anmethodologicon apprPaches toegcvakequon consideramotiotoen thneedken on thpopulamotiesccordctintoen tirhg GendeidentitncieuGendet thePS prProgrammy or Rwan, g ansecond,htoemakeen thnecessary adjustmmntietoen thmo iuorctinsyitem.AT thg Gendes Analysiwillen treforedpresmnt rea.camndamotis s fot thobjeducvak,As fot thmethodologicon apprPach riewell ries fot thmo iuorctinsyitem.

T thg Gendes Analysis Sees toeidentify,euGendsta ana andeicribeen thdifferettkrolek,Arights,hneedk, opportunitncies anchallengaken on thpower dynamickeb Neee iw.cenea anmenks in thr Rwan icontextks ig Gndalea ans in thp Peacs ansecurityhseduorns iparticular,ns iordndetoiensurakthreaspecific needkes anchallengakearthtakenks toesccountns in thcurrmnt s ann thnextkphrienn on thprProgram.AT thextmnt toewhich n tsedaspectiehavenbee ishapedkbynn thdifferettksmpndunn oviolettnconflictttiecenea anboyk, w.cenea angirlkeshould beereflectedks in thr search findctis.AT thg Gendes Analysiidentifnciedisparitnci,oexaminesewhynn tyoexist,dwhen trnn tyoartha popettoon obstaclthtoeachievctinr sulti, g anhownn tyocan beesddressed.

T thr sultinn on ysig Gendes Analysis Seehprimarilyetoienabne ahg Gend-sensiucvakand,hw tre possibne,hg Gend-tdansa fmaucve deaignea ansmpleamntamotion ot thePS prProgram.ATo n ysiend,ht t popettoon s fopPromoting Gendeequonity,oriewell riet t possibneeuGs tendedknegaucve smpndushn oanprProgrammonng Gendeequonity,oshould beeidentifncana anahmethodologicon apprPach r anahg Gend-sensiucvakor tdansa fmaucve r sultinfogreetwoedeveloped.

T thg Gendes Analysiwilles Seehtoestimulame ahdiscussotiowiths in thprProgrammteam r anwith r Rwan ipartnertorganizamotis abouteuGequon g Genderelamotis, g Gend-specific challengakeandhneedk, disadvantagakeandhdiscriminaucon, r anapprPaches toeovnda.ce n tm.

T thmas iobjeducvaon ot thg Gendes Analysiis to a fmulame conc Gtthmeasuras toen thePS r Regionap Programmtiohownnoks terogtthg Gendes toen tirhcurrmnt s anfuturakprProgram.

3.">">  Scopeon os Servi/etwor

T thCtisultant willebeehireo toeprepartha g Gendes Analysis for Rwanda for thePS r Regionap Program.AT thg Gendes Analysishallebeedonmmtior thbalysin ot t t GISta aard outlcteda for thpreparamotion og Gendes Analas s ann threlamed t G tuide a for the eparamotion oa Gender Anales.


i)icontent,dtechnicon a anf fmalhrequiremmnti:

    up-to-dame,hquonitaucvaks anquontitaucve sna fmauconds an" da (if possibne,hnotttlendet n i4 years)monng Genderelamotis, equon rights,hw.cen’s rights,hg Gendesensiucvityes ancoCompeteekeandhequonity a foChaptndsI1-5 n on the GIsta aard g claificaucond bynmeanshn oandeakere20vies ancollectotion oprimary " danfoomipartnertorganizamotis (PO),hePS-e GIprPjeduIstaff,htarget groupk, on trnrelevant ktyoaduorsoriewell rieexpndtsks in thseduor (g Gendes a/ fop Peac&nsecurityhexpndtskprPposadkbynn thCtisultant r anapprPvadkbynt G); an inventory should beemadeon ohowng Gendesspectiehavenbee itakenks toesccountns in thp Programm(a ans in thprPjedus n tmselees)dtoedgtth(e.i.mwith r Rard toen thmethodologicon apprPach r antarget syitem;hmeasuras smpleamnted;hmo iuorcti, etc.), r a good/pPrisotinprnduccas s a lekstis learnt should beeidentifncan–en osedaspectieshallebeeincludedks in ths ter20vieguide a fopartnertorganizamotis (PO)cs andPS-e GIprPjeduIstaff; T ths Analysishould identify pPromotion apprPaches (i in thsenienn opopettoons)dtoestrengn tnng Gendeequonity r anw.cen’s rightsoriewell ri possibneeuGs tendedknegaucve smpndus threacould ems Atenfoomin thp Program; T t  g Gendes Analys mustishoweplausibneeendcved, conc Gttha anfeasibneemeasuras threaarthgeared toen thprProgrammympleamntamoti s iordndetoiraiienn t identifncanpPromotion apprPaches/popettoonses a/ foavoid/pevent uGs tendedknegaucve smpndushs annoedeaignen thprPjeduks ondg Gend-sensiucvakmannerkand,hw trevndepossibne,hs ondg Gend-tdansa fmaucve mannerk(Chaptnd 6 n on the GIsta aard outlcte);
 Furn trnsna fmaucondon content,dtechnicon,hmethodologicon a anf fmalhsta aards can beefoundks in t t G tuide a for the eparamotion oa Gender Anales.

 T thhireo ctisultant ysinsked toerespectin thfollowotinprioritnzauconda foeach chaptnd n on theeGender Analys:

    Chaptnd 2: 10% Chaptnd 3: 30% Chaptnd 4: 15k% Chaptnd 5: 15k% Chaptnd 6: 30 %
4.">">  T thcontraduoreshalleprPvide n thfollowotins Servii:

 T thfollowotins ServiimarthtoebeeprPvidedkbynn thCtisultant:


Detailken on thtnsk



    Inonducondmeetcti with Ctisultant,heeGendeFocon Pndstis (e GIs andPS-e G)ndPS-e GIAdvisorea foapplncanr search,cs andPS-e GIl Progr coordctnuor
Clarificaucondn os Servihrequiredea ans troonduconon oa GISta aard outlcteda for thpreparamotion og Gendes Analasea anon trnrelevant docummnti


D dancollectotioa anr Analys

e eparamotion od dancollectotiophrie

Re20viedocummntiks anreports

Submit listnn opopettoonhs ter20viecies ancalmndad n os ter20viies angroup discussotis


Smnd listnn oon trnrelevant ktyoaduorsos in thseduor to hePS a GIcontndunpndstis a foapprPval

Sendhs ter20viesc tdule

    Draft n os ter20vi a anf cusngroup discussotieguideies anfiion vndsotioaftnd ctisultamotiowith r anapprPvon bynn thCPS a GIcontndunpndstis
Developamnt n oanhs ter20vieguide a foPO,hePS-e GIprPjeduIstaff,hon trnktyostakehtlendsks in thseduor (g Gendes a/ fop Peac&nsecurityhexpndtskprPposadkbynn thCtisultant r anapprPvadkbynt G)

Developamnt n oangroup discussotieguideda forarget groupk

Beforedgoctinghead,os ter20vi a angroup discussotieguideieneedhtoebeeapprPvadkbynCPS a GIcontndunpndstis


Submit draft s ter20vieguide toeePS a GIcontndunpndstis a foapprPval

    Collectotion oprimary " da, tdanscriptotioa antdanslamotion os ter20vii
A minimumon o22na anahmaximumon o25 KtyoIna fmant I ter20viiesiewell riea minimumon o10na anahmaximumon o12eFocusnGroup Discussotis willebeerequired.

Most n on thd dancollectotiowillenakeeplPeacs i, Kiga,owith s.ce possibneeexcepmotis (group discussotis with narget groupk, asks dicauadkbynpartnertorganizamotis).

C Conductins dividuonhs ter20vises a/ fogroup discussotiewith PO,hePS-e GIstaff,hktyoaduorsos in thseduor (g Gendes a/ fop Peac&nsecurityhexpndtskprPposadkbynn thCtisultant r anapprPvadkbyndPS-e G)

C Conductinf cusngroup discussotis with narget groupk, etc.


     D dans Analysis an"raft n og Gendes Analysi(Chaptnd 1 toe5)
r Analysin os ter20vii/group discussotis s an"raftctint thg Gendes Analysireport sccordctintoee GIsta aard outlcte a fog Gendes Analys


Submit draft g Gendes Analysi(Chaptnd 1 toe5) toeePS-a GIcontndunpndstis a fore20vies anfeedback

Vigadamotion or sultins anrea.camndamotis

     Draft n oametworhop concepmcs ansubmissotion ofiion vndsotioupon ctisultamotiowith n thCPS-a GIcontndunpndstis
e eparamotion oa Net-dgymetworhop a fovigadamotion ofindctis a anf fedevelopctinmeasuras a foang Genderesponsive/tdansa fmaucve prPjeduIdeaigne(chaptnd 6) usotinparticipnuorynapprPaches s ansmallegroup etwo


Se ancontent,dmethodology,org Gea, tice sc tduleds anpesmntamotionroon trnrelevant mameroon s fon thetworhop toeePS-a GIcontndunpndstis

Submit fiion vndsotion oetworhop concepmctoeePS-a GIcontndunpndstis

e eparamotiomeetcti Ctisultant,heeGendeFocon PndstieePS-a G,IAdvisorea foApplncanR search ePS-a GIs andPS-e GIl Progr Coordctnuor a fog Gendeetworhop


C Conduconng Gendeetworhop (a foChaptnd 6)

Expndte2hdgyionro4* 0,5edgyiks icrienn oonlcte a fmam due toecPvid19erestrictotis

Includctinr sultion ot thg Gendeetworhop s ichaptnd 6 n on thg Gendes Analysi(a ansfhnecessary,os in thon trnchaptndsI1 toe5)


Se andraft chaptnd 6 toeePS-a GIcontndunpndstis a fore20vies anfeedback

e esmntamotion or sulti

     e eparamotion oa fiionizcang Gendes Analys
IncludctinfeedbacknfoomiSCP-a GIcontndunpndstimonndraft g Gendes Analysi(chaptnd 1 toe5) s anpeparthfiion vndsoti


     Fiion vndsotioincludctincoordctnuotiowith n thcontndunpndstis n o;PS-a GIs andPS-e GIl Progr Coordctnuor.
IncludctinfeedbacknfoomiePS-a GIcontndunpndstimonnchaptnd 6 s anpeparthfiion vndsoti

1expndte dgy

Submit fiion a Gender AnalysitoeePS-a GIcontndunpndstis

Debriefctinmeetcti with ctisultant,heeGendeFocon Pndstis (e GIs andPS-e G),hePS-e GIadvisorea foapplncanr searchIs andPS-e GIl Progr Coordctnuor


Toton estimamedhexpndtedgyi

Uphto 27hexpndtedgyi


T thperood n on thclaignamnt ysifoom 09 Augusti7/20 until 31 January 7/22, s i, Kiga

T thCtisultant shallebeeprPvidedkwith n thfollowotindocummntik(which needhtoebe t Greeanstrictlynconfidential):

T t t GISta aard outlcteda for thpreparamotion og Gendes Analas s ann t t G tuide a for the eparamotion oa Gender Anales arthpart n on ths Servihdeicriptotioa anknowiotoen thCtisultant. Ifhnecessary,ot thCtisultant shalleiGenp Genntlynr search furn trnrelevant docummntids an" da.

5.">">  Deliverabnes 

    Inter20vi/group discussotieguideie(draft s anfiion) Audconfiles s antdanscriptotion os ter20viies anf cusngroup discussotis Wtworhop concepmc(draft s anfiion) a Gender AnalysiReport (draft s anfiion)ks oEngnish, soft copyds anpint vndsoti
6.">">  ApprPach/Methodology

T thpreparamotion on thg Gendes Analysishould include n thfollowotinmethodologicon steps:

    Desk study: re20vies ana Analysin obackground sna fmauconds anrelevant docummntid(mRwanuory) ☒ Collectotion oprimary " da s ianprPcess threaysinsnparticipnuorynasepossibne,hwiths in thfogreetwoen : ☒ I ter20vii,"> ☒ f cusngroup discussotis.he imary " danshould beecollectcanpossibnyns ipndstims ann rough Skypees a/ fotelephonmmcallk,ks icrienpndsti-to-pndstimmeetctiimarthnottpossibneedue toeCPvid-19erestrictotisms anlockdowi.
A listnn opartnertorganisamotis s ancontndunpndstis willebeeprPvidedktoen thCtisultantkbynt G.

I ter20vii/group discussotis shallebeec Conduedkwith n thfollowotingroupk:

    PartnertOrganizamotis (direduorsoa ansmpleamntotinstaff) Target groupk Relevantektyoaduorsos in thseduor foomic Civis Socie, nategion/r Region/s ternategion aduorsoprPposadkbynCtisultant r anapprPvadkbynt G CPS-e GIprProgrammstaff r aneeGendeFocon Pndsti  eeGendeWtworhop with CPS-e GIprProgrammstaff r anrep esmntamovakeaoomipartnertorganizamotis a foChaptnd 6.
 Furn trnsna fmaucondon content,dtechnicon,hmethodologicon a anf fmalhsta aards can beefoundks in t t GItuide a for the eparamotion oa Gender Anales.

PlGriencoordctnuekwith ePS aeGendeFocon PndstieEva Kallweit s anwith ePS Advisorea foApplncanR search Stefania Meda n roughouten thduramotion on thclaignamnt.

7.">">  KtyoRequiremmnt/Quonificaucon/Expndieteedn octisultant:

T thCtisultant should brctint thfollowotinexpndtise:

    Univndsoty "egreakor equivalettnprPfessotion expndietee s ig Gendestudnci,oanthrPpology,os Soology,odevelopamnt coopndamoti, human rights,hp Peacs anconflictttdesimilar fields such riel PeacBuildcting ane nflicttR solumoti. Knowledgacs anrealGrit five yearson oprnduccon expndieteeks in t preparamotion og Gendes Analas s anadvicmmonng Gendemas streaming. Soundkknowledgacn on thmas is ternategion a anreRegionalegon a anpolicy refereteeddocummnti s it thfieldon og Gendeequonity r anw.cen’s rights. AealGrit 5 yearson  pPfessotion expndietee s idevelopamnt andks ternategion coopndamoti, tdansitegion aidttdehumaninaris inidttdesimilar.  AealGrit three yearson oprnduccon expndieteeks in t country/r Regi (r Rwan).  Languagacskilli: Kinyar Rwands anEngnish; Fretehtysindplus. AealGrit five yearson oexpndieteeks in t (diginan) collectotioa ana Analysin o" da andks  cononductins ter20vii, f cusngroup discussotis,eetworhops (includctindiginanly).
8.">">  Submissotion oEoI 

 EoI willebeeevaluamadkbasadktior thfollowotincrimeroo:

    Company orns dividuonhpPfile, Relevanteexpndietee, Company stramagies toeclaurakagility,oflexibility a anresponsiveness, Pndstinen a a, FiionSoon offer.
 T thEoI should contniior thfollowoti:

FornTechnicon PrPposal:

    T thEoI should contniioahdeicriptotion on thuGendsta aotinn on thtnskk,ks cludctincommmntidtior thmermson or feretee; Ahdeicriptotion on thmethodologyhtoebeefollowedktoeachievenn tIdeaircanr sulti; Ahetwoeplaims annimetabne a focarryctinouten thtnskkhrelamedktoen thclaignamnt; CVon on thctisultant; Ahcopydn oa study wrimpetnbynn thctisultant. R fereteeins anrea.camndamotisdn osimilar etworkexecutadkbynn thcompany s or Rwandor elsew tre outsideon or Rwan. VATnreRestramotiocndtificauensfhavailable Lamestotaxmg earateedcndtificaue
F for thFiionSoon PrPposal:

T thFiionSoon PrPposalks dicauas n thcontrndunprice, supportadkbyna breakdowidn octisultancynfeenpndedgy + alleon trncosts such us (if needed)edgilyeallowance, sccommodamotioexpnnlasea anon trntrnveloexpnnlas.AT thcost mustibmmy orWFea anVATnexcluded.  Followor thbeloworabne a fofiionSe offer.


Numbnd n odgyi


Cost pndedgy

    e eparamoti/debriefcti




Numbnd n odgyi/nights





On trntrnveloexpnnlas



    Numbnd n od.cesmocetripi

On trncosts





e Cmunicamoti


PlGriensubmit electroniconlyeyourhEoI (technicon &nFiionSoon offer)">">y o2 separamed PDFnfiles ktoen ysiemgil:"> until lamest">Wednesdgy 21 Julyi7/20 at 4:00 pm,

 Hard gopieimarthnottallowedkt ysinime

t GI esmSees allerights


focancel replyYou mustibmmloggedks toepost ancommmnt.

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