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Consultancy to co-design the structure, implementation, and evaluation of the Cooking Energy Business Growth Fund At GIZ Rwanda, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 29/06/2021

Consultancy to co-design the structure, implementation, and evaluation of the Cooking Energy Business Growth Fund

Expression of Interest Consultancy to co-design the structure, implementation, and evaluation of the Cooking Energy Business Growth Fund


The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), is a German development agency that provides services in the field of international development cooperation and international education work. GIZ works with partners in national governments, actors from the private sector, civil society, and research institutions to deliver effective solutions that offer people better prospects and sustainably improve their living conditions. GIZ’s vision and long-term goal is to provide tailor-made, cost-efficient, and effective services and solutions for sustainable development.

1.     Introduction

Energising Development (EnDev) Programme is a strategic partnership of likeminded donors and partners to support access to modern energy. We work in more than 20 countries around the globe to provide access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy to deliver social, economic, and environmental change. EnDev started as a partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in 2005 with the initial purpose to provide sustainable energy access to 3 million people in its first three years. Today, it is an international flagship programme with multi-national donor groups that has provided energy access to 20 million people and counting.

In Rwanda, the cooking energy component of EnDev is implemented by GIZ and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV). In November 2020, GIZ received funding from the European Union and BMZ to implement the Reducing Climate Impact of Cooking (ReCIC) in Rwanda through improved cooking energy systems action. ReCIC action aims to improve sustainable production and dissemination of improved cookstoves and improved fuels in Rwanda to reduce reliance on firewood and the effects it has on health, environment, and the economy. ReCIC team is made up of GIZ and SNV technical staff members.

2.     Context of consultancy

More than 97% of all Rwandan households rely on traditional biomass-based cooking systems with only 3% of the households using cleaner technologies and fuels. This high reliance on biomass results in the degradation of the country’s forest cover. The effects of inefficient traditional biomass use on climate, environment and user’s health are also high. ReCIC goals are in line with the Government of Rwanda’s clean cooking targets that seek to ensure that the dissemination of modern efficient biomass cookstoves reaches 80% in rural areas and 50% in urban areas, by 2030.

By creating a Cooking Energy Business Growth Fund (the Fund), ReCIC seeks to empower like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators in the cooking energy sector.  Through the Fund, ReCIC will support qualifying companies with financial, trainings and other in-kind support to enable companies develop, test and scale up biomass-based and electric new cooking technologies, alternative fuels, and business models that have not been fully disseminated in Rwanda. ReCIC’s approach is to create choice for the Rwandan users to adopt most appropriate technology, according to their needs and purchasing power, through a market-based approach.

3.    Desired profile of consultancy firm

GIZ is looking for a consulting company (consultant) with proven track-record, in supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including start-ups that are working with development cooperation agencies or social impact companies. Moreover, the consultant should demonstrate (through the profiles of the team members) an understanding of bottom-of-the-pyramid markets and the last-mile customers and competency

to learn about the cooking energy sector. Formative experience in market development, marketing, innovation-driven solutions, and busines development service (BDS), will be considered as advantages. The following are some the competencies, we shall expect from the successful consulting company.

  • Good project management capabilities
  • Understanding of difference between humanitarian and market-based approaches
  • Understanding of business fundamentals of bottom-of-the-pyramid markets
  • Experience with development sector partners like GIZ, the European Union or SNV
  • Proven track record in private sector or market development training, business plan development support and data management
  • Experience with facilitating for access to finance and providing other business development support.
  • Experience in conducting SMEs’ due diligence.
  • Cultural and gender sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Previous experience in developing competitions and supporting in business challenges is an advantage.

4.    Scope of consultancy 

Cooking Energy Business Growth Fund will provide local companies, start-ups, cooperatives with access to capital, equipment, training, and other strategic support, to test and scale up new products and/or business models. Open calls for proposals from the local private companies and cooperatives will take place on annual basis and will run for three years. GIZ may extend contract depending on performance and ReCIC project’s needs.

Each open call will have multiple categories that are aligned with the goals and objectives of ReCIC, which aim to address the needs and priorities of cooking sector in Rwanda. The following are some examples of categories that the Fund will be interested in developing within the cooking sector:

  1. Testing and scaling up new efficient products and business models
  2. Innovative consumer finance models that can enable users to break the initial payment barrier
  3. Innovative marketing approaches
  4. COVID-19 related response solutions
  5. New or innovative technologies that require equipment acquisition

Other ideas, besides the above-mentioned examples are welcome. The selected consultant and ReCIC will co-develop a detailed document providing more details on the categories that will be supported. The consultant will also facilitate ReCIC in the structure, evaluation, and allocation of prizes in a transparent and competitive manner.  The consultant will be responsible for training qualifying companies to improve their ideas and develop their proposals in line with the Fund’s objectives, criteria, and standard business practices, e.g., pitching or presentation coaching and related advisory services.

The selected consultant will work closely with ReCIC team and provide monthly progress reports as well as a detailed call for proposal closing report, with case studies and impact stories, at the end of each open call.

The agreement with the consultant will be renewable, on annual basis, depending on performance.

5.Tasks and Deliverables & duration



Estimated expert days

Up to

Create the project structure and documentation of the Cooking Energy Business Growth Fund

1. Guidelines and eligibility requirements

2. Application form of the open call(s) and other related

3.Evaluation rubric, selection criteria and mechanism/ process

4. Monthly progress reports

5.Performance-based agreement contracts and agreements with award recipients’ preference/advise on how the disbursement conditions should be structured for phased disbursements


 Up to 20 expert days

Expert 1 (10 days)

Expert 3 (5 days)

Expert 4 (5 days)

Marketing and Media management for the Fund

6.      Media Plan for the open call (s)

7.      Public announcement of winners

8.      Press conference, as needed


 Up to 10 expert days

Expert 1 (2 days)

Expert 4 (8 days)

Preparation and training of the short-listed and winning applicants.

9.      High potential applicants were able to improve their proposals in line with the categories, through the consultant’s support.

10.   Qualifying applicants are trained to complete their proposals and to implement them, if selected.


 Up to 30  expert days

Expert 1 (5 days)

Expert 2 (10 days)

Expert 3 (10 days)

Expert 5 (5 days)

Monitoring and evaluation of the applicants.

11.   Submitted proposals were reviewed and qualifying applicants are shortlisted

12.   Structure and members of the selection committee was suggested and approved by ReCIC.

13.   Qualifying applicants were visited, and appraised for due diligence

14.   Regular meetings with partners to understand implementation bottlenecks and provide complementary assistance took place.


 Up to 40 expert days

Expert 1 (8 days)

Expert 2 (10 days)

Expert 3 (10 days)

Expert 4 (2 days)

Expert 5 (10 days)

Support the ReCIC team in the branding, knowledge management and building the identity of the Fund and disbursement of the prizes

15.   Name, logo, and branding of the Fund completed with support from the consultant.

16.   Detailed report with case studies and impact stories for each call

17.   Proposal on how funds will be disbursed and how much (based on projects, performance and due diligence) is submitted


 Up to 20 expert days

Expert 1 (5 days)

Expert 2 (5 days)

Expert 3 (5 days)

Expert 4 (5 days)

Facilitate linkages to people and organizations for future potential partnerships beyond the Fund.

18. Other sector and non-sector stakeholders are involved and made aware, in the implementation of the fund.

19.Other sector and non-sector stakeholders participated in supporting companies that participated in the challenge

20. Other sector stakeholders contributed to raising the profile of the Fund

21.Other sector and non-sector stakeholders express interest to commit future participation in the Fund activities.


 Up to 20 expert days

Expert 1 (10 days)

Expert 2 (5 days)

Expert 5 (5 days)

A summary table of expected days per expert should be taken into consideration when preparing the financial and technical proposals:


Number of expert days (up to)

Expert 1 – Project Manager

40 days

Expert 2 –  Private sector or energy specialist

30 days

Expert 3 – Business Development

30 days

Expert 4 – Media and Communications

30 days

Expert 5 – Support Staff

20 days

Total expected days

Up to 150 expert days

 The total duration of the assignment will be up to 150 expert days from 12 July 202  to 31 March 2022

6.    Suggested Team’s composition

Considering desired profile, consultancy firms will be required to provide CVs of qualified members who will be assigned to this project. The CVs must highlight the expertise, for easy evaluation of the proposal.

The following is a suggested team composition for this project. This table serves as a guideline for the team composition. We welcome other types of team composition that may closely match this one as well:




Expert 1
Project Manager

Master’s degree equivalent in business administration, entrepreneurship, innovation or similar area.

At least 7 years working experience; of which 3 years are in project management. Expert must demonstrate skills in following areas:
Project Leadership
Project Planning and scheduling
Project supervision and coordination
Project Reporting
Experience with international organizations

Expert 2

Private sector or energy specialist

Master’s degree equivalent in geography, energy, engineering, development, or similar area.

At least 5 years of experience in similar projects; of which 1 year is related to energy, cooking, forestry or environmental project(s). Expert must demonstrate skills in following areas:
High technical skillset
Knowledge in energy or climate
Experience with Rwandan energy or private sector development projects
Understanding and experience in business development in Rwanda

Expert 3
Business Development

Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, finance, accounting, management or similar area.

At least 4 years of experience in business development or entrepreneurship. Expert must demonstrate skills in following areas:
Project evaluation
Business Plan writing
Financial planning and projections
Training and coaching skills
Experience working with and or supporting startups

Expert 4
Media and Communications

Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, communications, or any other social science.

At least 4 years of experience in communications. Media and Marketing planning. Expert must demonstrate skills in following areas:
Public Relations skills
Strong writing and speaking skills
Knowledge of English and Kinyarwanda (French a plus)
Experience with bottom of pyramid markets
Demonstrate social media and online marketing skillset

Expert 5
Support Staff

 Bachelor’s Degree in communications, HR, marketing, business administration, data management or similar area.

At least 2 years of experience in innovation or entrepreneurship projects. Expert must demonstrate skills in following areas:

High Clerical and secretarial skills e.g. Writing minutes
Organizational skills
Operations management skills
Communication skills
Basic accounting skills

7.    Submission and evaluation of EoI 

EoI will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Company profile,
  • Relevant experience,
  • Company strategies to assure agility, flexibility and responsiveness,
  • Personnel CV or team composition ,
  • Financial offer.

 The EoI should contain the following:

For Technical Proposal:

  • A Cover letter expressing interest in this assignment.
  • The structure of the proposal must correspond to the structure of the EoI.
  • The complete technical proposal shall not exceed 10 pages (excluding CVs).

If the maximum page lengths is exceeded, the content appearing after the cut-off point will not be included in the assessment

  • It should be formatted; font type ARIAL, fond size 11, the offer should be drawn up in English language.
  • The CVs shall not exceed 2 pages
  • Company or business registration certificate
  • References and recommendations of similar works executed by the company in Rwanda or elsewhere outside of Rwanda.
  • VAT registration certificate if available
  • Latest tax clearance certificate

For the Financial Proposal:

The Financial Proposal indicates the contract price, supported by a breakdown of consultancy fee per day + all other costs such us (if needed) daily allowance, accommodation expenses. The cost must be in RWF and VAT excluded.

Please submit your EoI documents in two separated envelopes (1 for technical offer and 1 for financial offer) until latest Tuesday 29 June 2021 at 4:00 pm, at the front desk of:


GIZ Office Kigali/Rwanda

KN 41 Street / Nr.17 – Kiyovu

B.P 59 Kigali – Rwanda

GIZ reserves all rights


Note: GIZ would like to improve the share of women working in technical fields such as energy. Applications from companies led by or involving women are most welcome.

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