Consultant/Consulting Firm to Conduct a Mid Term Evaluation of the Governance And Decentralization Sector Strategic Plan (SSP) 2018/19 - 2023/24 At GOPA Worldwide Consultants, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 22/07/2021
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Consultant/Consulting Firm to Develop a Community Mobilization Strategy At GOPA Worldwide Consultants, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 22/07/2021

Consultant/Consulting Firm to Develop a Community Mobilization Strategy

GOPA Worldwide Consultants

At GOPA Worldwide Consultants, we understand that behind each development project there is a human story. For this reason, we favour dynamic development cooperation that places beneficiaries at the heart of our work.


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MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT                                                         DGG PROGRAMME

Po Box 3445 Kigali



  1. Background context

In its vision 2020, Rwanda has achieved a lot and vision 2050 was developed to set a new pathway that will lead the county to the living standards of upper middle income by 2035 and high-income country by 2050. Additionally, as inclusiveness is one of the principles in governance and having in mind that there is a need for strong engagement of different players in the country’s development especially putting the citizens at the center of governance and development.

The National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) developed, focus on the transformation of the lives of the citizens in the 7 years’ government mandate and during the second phase of decentralization policy, stronger local government structures have been set up through reforms, with performance innovations such as Imihigo and platforms for community mobilization, accountability, and participation. Because Government has been transferred down to the people, community participation and ownership of development programmes has increased. The biggest change has been in the mindsets of the leaders and the led.

The government of Rwanda has put in place a number of strategic initiatives to boost the social, economic development of its citizens across all sectors and has experienced various community mobilization approaches through homegrown initiatives like National Itorero, community health workers, and Local volunteers to mention but a few. Nevertheless, there is no way that, citizens with an emphasis on youth, women, and people with disabilities cannot play a key role in the reconstruction of Rwanda specifically, sustaining social, economic development.

To this, there is a need to put in place an instrument for community mobilization for further engagement, active participation of all citizens in the social, economic development journey since about 80% living in rural areas and still largely depends on rural where only basic needs are provided and most of these needs should be provided in collaboration between central, local and civil societies in Rwanda with support of citizen’s through homegrown initiatives to ensure social, economic development across all sectors of lives are maintained, promoted and boosted.

In this framework, building on the current lessons learned, the Ministry of Local Government, through its strategic plan envisages enhancing the community mobilization and citizens’ participation as one of the priority areas. In this regard, it recognizes the role of the different categories of people, community, local volunteers, media engagement through homegrown initiatives promotion.

In view of the above and with technical and financial support to the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) from the Decentralization and Good Governance Programme (DGG) of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GOPA Worldwide Consultants is looking for a competent consultant or a firm of consultants to develop a community mobilization strategy.

  1. The objective of the assignment

The overall aim of the assignment is to develop a community mobilization strategy in close cooperation with the sector’s key stakeholders to mobilize, support communities to create demand for comprehensive services, helping them to express their needs and demand for appropriate quality social, economic development aspects.

  1. Tasks to be performed by the Consultant
  • Prepare a detailed roadmap for developing community mobilization strategy;
  • Conduct desk review of key relevant documents related to community mobilization in Rwanda, policies, and programs connected …
  • Conduct and facilitate a technical workshop bringing together concerned sector institutions and other stakeholders to discuss on the developed community mobilization strategy
  • Submit various drafts in accordance with deadlines in the overall calendar with incorporated comments and inputs from consulted stakeholders to MINALOC;
  • Present the final draft of the community mobilization strategy for the further validation process.
  1. Deliverables
  • An inception report clearly depicting the consultant’s understanding of the assignment and detailing the methodology to be used to carry out the assignment with a developed roadmap. The report should be submitted no later than 2 weeks after the start of the contract period;
  • Various drafts of the community mobilization strategy developed and submitted to MINALOC for comments and inputs;
  • A consultative workshop with MINALOC, Sector institutions, and other stakeholders for final comments and observation;
  • A final draft of the developed community mobilization strategy report to MINALOC after insertion of comments and inputs provided;
  • A Powerpoint presentation of the developed community mobilization strategy report
  • Final community mobilization strategy reports available to the clients.


The assignment will be completed in a period of estimated 60 working days from the signature of the contract.


The individual consultant or consulting firm will work closely with the Ministry and weekly report to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government.



The individual consultant or consulting firm team leader should have at least a Master’s degree in Social Sciences, Public Policy, Political Science, Governance Studies, Public Administration, Project management, Strategic planning, Development Studies, or in other areas relevant to the assignment. Having a Ph.D. degree in these domains will be added value.

The individual consultant or consulting firm team leader should have:
(i)    Experience in design and developing programs, policies, strategies, and projects;
(ii)    Working with private, central, and local government institutions within the Rwandan Governance context;
(iii)    A minimum of seven (07) years experience in design and developing programs, policies, and strategies.
(iv)    Proven knowledge of design and development including policies, strategies, and plans;
(v)    Excellent fluency in English (both written and spoken) is a precondition. Knowledge of French and Kinyarwanda would be an advantage;
(vi)    Ability to multi-task and work within tight deadlines with a diverse group of beneficiaries.


Interested consultants’/consulting firms should submit the following documents:

  1. Detailed CV for an individual consultant/ Company profile & Staff CVs for consulting firm and mentioning the Team Leader;
  2. Technical offer, including but not limited to an outline of the intended methodology, a timeframe, and proof of relevant experience;
  3. Financial offer;
  4. Individual / Company registration certificate;
  5. VAT registration certificate

The above documents will be sent via email to the contact   and a copy to Interested candidates should submit their application until 22nd July 2021 by 5:00 PM. The email attachment should be a PDF file. Please quote the assignment title in the subject.


German Development Cooperation (GIZ) will provide funds for this assignment.


The Quality Cost Based Selection will be used.

Done at Kigali on 07/07/2021.


Permanent Secretary / MINALOC

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