Consultant/Consulting Firm to Conduct a Mid Term Evaluation of the Governance And Decentralization Sector Strategic Plan (SSP) 2018/19 - 2023/24 At GOPA Worldwide Consultants, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 22/07/2021
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Consultant/Consulting Firm to Produce a Documentary Film on Rwanda’s Decentralization Journey (2001-2021) At GOPA Worldwide Consultant, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 22/07/2021

Consultant/Consulting Firm to Produce a Documentary Film on Rwanda’s Decentralization Journey (2001-2021)

GOPA Worldwide Consultants

At GOPA Worldwide Consultants, we understand that behind each development project there is a human story. For this reason, we favour dynamic development cooperation that places beneficiaries at the heart of our work.


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MINISTRY OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT                                             DGG PROGRAMME

Po Box 3445 Kigali



  1. Introduction

In 2000, the Government of Rwanda adopted the National Decentralization Policy to address a number of the then existing challenges including highly centralized administration with unaccountable leadership, powerless, voiceless, disengaged, and socially vulnerable communities, high levels of inequality and divisionism within the society, low productivity and low level of local economic development. The National Decentralization Policy was implemented in a phased approach since 2001.

To assess the level of its implementation, the Ministry of local government commissioned various studies including “Assessment of the Impact of Decentralization Policy Implementation in Rwanda (2001-2017)”. The study findings revealed that more has been achieved, and provided new insights into the decentralization perspectives. However, there has been limited documentation of the decentralization journey in Rwanda.

In view of the above and with technical and financial support to the Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC) from the Decentralization and Good Governance Programme (DGG) of the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GOPA Worldwide Consultants is looking for a competent consultant or a firm of consultants to develop a documentary film on decentralization journey, success stories, challenges, and lessons learned for the future use.

  1. Objective

The objective of producing the documentary film is to provide us with a high-quality audio-visual tool highlighting the progress, success stories, challenges, and lessons learned of Decentralization in Rwanda throughout the last 20 years.

  1. Methodology

The documentary film shall be developed in a participatory approach.

a) Primary Data collection through:

i) Interview with senior central and local officials in local governance

ii) Interview with civil society platform and the private sector federation

iii) Focus group discussion with citizens

iv) Direct observation

b) Secondary Data collection through

i) Relevant documents review

ii) Audio-visual records review

The documentary film will be reviewed by key stakeholders at different levels for editing purposes before final approval.

  1. Language and Subtitles

The documentary film will be produced in Kinyarwanda, featured with English subtitles.

  1. Guiding questionnaire



Clip Duration


-Ni ibiki by’ingenzi mubona Politiki yo kwegereza ubuyobozi n’ubushobozi abaturage yabamariye/In your view, what are the key achievements attained in Rwanda’s 20-year decentralization journey?

-Mubona ari ibiki bikwiye gushyirwamo imbaraga muri uru rugendo rwo kwegereza ubuyobozi n’ubushobozi abaturage/What needs to be improved for more effective decentralization?



-Ni izihe mpamvu z’ingenzi zatumye u Rwanda ruhitamo inzira ya Politiki yo kwegereza abaturage ubuyobozi n’ubushobozi/Why did Rwanda opt for Decentralization?

-Ni iki cyari cyitezwe mu guhitamo iyi politiki/What were the expectations for choosing Decentralization?



-Kwegereza ubuyobozi abaturage byarahinduye iki mu mikorere y’inzego zegerejwe abaturage/In your view, how has decentralization benefited citizens and governance in Rwanda?

-Ni ibihe bibazo cyangwa imbogamizi zagaragaye mu ishyirwa mu bikorwa rya gahunda yo kwegereza ubuyobozi n’ubushobozi abaturage/What are the challenges encountered during the implementation of Decentralization?



– Mubona kwegereza ubuyobozi abaturage byaratumye abaturage barushaho kwiyumva mu miyoborere no kugira uruhare mu bibakorerwa/Do you think decentralization has inspired citizens to have a more positive perception of governance, and promote citizen participation?



-Kuba ubuyobozi bwarabegerejwe byabamariye iki/What have you benefited from decentralization?

-Mugira uruhe ruhare mu bikorwa by’iterambere no kugena ibibakorerwa/What is your contribution in the design and implementation of socio-economic program?



-Ni ruhare rwanyu mu ishyirwa mu bikorwa rya politiki yo kwegereza ubuyobozi n’ubushobozi abaturage/What is your role in the implementation of Rwanda’s decentralization policy?


  1. Assignment duration

The assignment will be completed in a period of estimated 20 working days from the signature of the contract.

  1.  Application procedures

Interested consultants’/consulting firms should submit the following documents:

  1. Detailed CV for an individual consultant/ Company profile & Staff CVs for consulting firm and mentioning the Team Leader;
  2. Technical offer, including but not limited to an outline of the intended methodology, a timeframe, and proof of relevant experience;
  3. Financial offer;
  4. Individual / Company registration certificate;
  5. VAT registration certificate

The above documents will be sent via email to the contact   and a copy to Interested candidates should submit their application until 22nd July 2021 by 5:00 PM. The email attachment should be a PDF file. Please quote the assignment title in the subject.

  1. Source of funds

German Development Cooperation (GIZ) will provide funds for this assignment.

  1. Selection methods

The Quality Cost Based Selection will be used.

Done at Kigali on 07/07 /2021.



Permanent Secretary / MINALOC

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