Creation of Progressive Terraces in Bwira Area Program Communities in Bwira Sector, Ngororero District, Western Province – CLOSE: 30/11/2022

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Creation of Progressive Terraces in Bwira Area Program Communities in Bwira Sector, Ngororero District, Western Province – CLOSE: 30/11/2022


FH Association Rwanda (Food for the Hungry) is an International Christian Relief and Development Non-governmental organization. FH Rwanda has been implementing integrated relief and development projects in Rwanda since 1994. FH Rwanda currently has programs in Nyagatare, Gatsibo, Kamonyi, Muhanga, Ruhango, Ngororero and Karongi districts. FH Rwanda has adopted an integrated programming approach CFCT (Child Focused Community Transformation) through 4 sectors: Livelihoods, Education, Health and Disaster Risk Reduction.

FH Association RWANDA (FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY) hereby invites sealed bids from eligible national bidders who have Electronic Billing Machine for a tender No 003/11/FY23. The tender is composed of 12 Lots and indicated below:

Lot 10: Creation of Progressive terraces in Bwira Area Program communities in Bwira Sector Ngororero District in Western Province.

This call for proposal is open on equal terms to all construction and supply companies registered in Rwanda

The tender document can be obtained from 9th November 2022 at the reception of FH Association Rwanda office located in 2nd floor of UMUYENZI PLAZA Building, KG 5 RD, Plot nº428, Rukiri I Cell, Remera Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali City upon presentation of a prepaid bank slip of non-refundable amount of ten thousand Rwandan francs per lot (10,000 Rwf/lot). This payment can be done to FH Association Rwanda Bank Account N° 4002200337223/RWF opened in Equity Bank.

For construction works, site visit will be carried out as in the table below:

Sites Visit plan

Site to be visited



Meeting point

Creation of Progressive terraces in Bwira Area Program communities.



Visitors will meet at FH Bwira office located near Bwira Sector office in Ngororero District in Western Province for Direction.

N/B: FH ASSOCIATION RWANDA staff working in those areas will guide the visit and FH ASSOCIATION RWANDA will not provide any transport. Representative of the company are required to bring proof of representing the company, such as signed and stamped letter from the Managing Director or staff card showing that he/she works for the company.

The offers well typed, appropriately bound Technical proposal presented in One Original and Two copies and financial proposal presented in One Original and two copies must reach in sealed envelopes to the previously mentioned address no later than 30th November 2022 at 10:30am local hour. Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened. If a company bids on more than one lot, it must submit each lot in separate envelops. (Combined lots in one book will be rejected)

The bids will be opened the same day at 11:00 am in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend in the meeting room of FH Association Rwanda.

FH Rwanda reserves the right to reject any bid deemed inappropriate

Done at Kigali on 7th November 2022

Program Director


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Ngororero,Western Province,Rwanda

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