FARM MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP at SOUK IG Ltd, Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 03/12/2022

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FARM MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP at SOUK IG Ltd, Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 03/12/2022

Farm Management Internship

Your role as a Farm Management Intern would be to manage a large farm primarily producing Bird Eye Chilli, Habanero, French Beans, Karela, Capsicum, Strawberry, Snow peas, Sugar snaps and Avocado. This role is based on the field.


As farm management intern, your job is not only to do the daily tasks but also to ensure we have good production in terms of yields by doing the followings:

  • Make sure you have accurate farm data at all times
  • Ensuring the level of the inputs is good for all the crops, especially those you are accountable for
  • Ensuring the crops are treated well (Irrigation, Scouting, and any disease or pest is prevented on time)
  • Assessing all the risks before doing any action on the farm
    1. Before planting, all the resources (Irrigation, Inputs, Quality seeds, production practices, etc) are aligned so we lose zero crop
    2. During production, all the crops need at most care and knowing the exact monetary value of each plant lost so you know exactly what are the consequences of not doing a good job (This will be included in your performance)
    3. Doing daily scouts and providing accurate data so the coordination team support you in being a world-class farm manager
  • During harvesting, make sure the casuals are well trained by the packhouse team, products are harvested on time, and all the resources are there on time (crates, etc) to avoid any reason for reject
  • During the entire production period, seek support, advice, or even training from the Coordination Team.
  • Follow all the procedures and question them if you see that there is a better way of achieving good production
  • Have good recordkeeping of all farm activities
  • Work to maintain a good working relationship with your colleagues on the field, and with the casuals
  • Work towards achieving production excellence to set our Kamabuye farm as a model farm for the crops that you will be accountable for.


  • Diploma/Degree in Horticulture or an equivalent combination of education.
  • No experience is required
  • Accountability & Honesty
  • Fair knowledge of fertilizer and chemical products with fertilization recommendations.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Interpersonal, leadership skills, supervisory skills and strategic planning

Apply by:

Deadline – 3rd December 5:00pm

How to Apply

To apply for this job in Rwanda, please click on the Apply here button bellow

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KG 288 St, Kigali,Gasabo,Kigali City,Rwanda

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