FORUM FOR STUDENT LEADERS ON SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CRISIS at Prime Biodiversity Conservation ( PBC), Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE:20/10/2022

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FORUM FOR STUDENT LEADERS ON SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CRISIS at Prime Biodiversity Conservation ( PBC), Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE:20/10/2022

Forum for Student Leaders on Sustainability and Climate Crisis

Prime Biodiversity Conservation ( PBC)  and FES Rwanda are pleased to launch a fully funded program entitled “ Forum for Student Leaders on Sustainability and Climate Crisis”   with focus on raising climate change awareness among young leaders from universities.

 Eligible Participants: 

✓ Students from Rwandan universities with further interest in sustainability and climate change adaptation and mitigation

✓ Gender balance would be considered during the selection process.

✓ Maximum of 24students’ participants per cohort ( 2 cohorts per year)

Age: Between 20- and 30-years (max. 30 years old)

Requirements: Interest and time to attend all the sessions of the forum.

Application Link:  link

  1. Timeframe of the project 

1st round: December 2022- May 2023

  1. Specific Topics: 

Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation and mitigation concepts and approached / Concept of sustainable development and the 17 SDGs / Government compliance policies on climate change and environmental protection / The importance of cooperation (locally / nationally / regionally and internationally) in addressing climate change and sustainable development, climate change and gender/feminism.

Timeframe for the 1st sessions: 

Selection period: September- November

1.Launch the call for applications: 20th of September 2022

  1. Close of the application: 20th of October
  1. Scheduled interview on the date of 26th and 27th October.
  1. Launch of the program will be on the 1st and 2nd of December

Potential topics and objectives:

Introduce the participants to the concepts of biodiversity, ecosystem and environment, sustainability and climate change and their interconnection.

1st day:

  1. Morning hours: Introduction to the concepts of environment, biodiversity, and ecosystem & group discussion
  2. Afternoon hours: Introduction of Sustainability and Climate change (meaning and causes) & group discussion

2nd day:

  1. Morning hours: What is the impact of Climate change on the national economy & group discussion
  2. Afternoon hours: How effective are Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies? & group discussion

Followed by Monthly  discussions  (

Wednesday, 25th of January: 

What is natural resource management and how is it connected to sustainability?

Wednesday, 22nd  of February

How can climate justice be achieved and how could it inclusively contribute to economic development?

Wednesday, 22nof March 

Advancing Ecosystem based Adaptation (EbA) for Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change

Wednesday, 26th  of April

One health approach/ Health and climate change

Tuesday, 23rd  of May

  1. Morning hours: Gender and Climate change /Feminism  and climate crisis, opportunities and challenges
  1. Afternoon hours: What are the existing Climate finance concepts and approaches

Wednesday, 24th of May

  1. 1.Afternoon hours: Community Engagement on Climate Change
  2. .Morning hours: How is Climate change, International cooperation and sustainable development interconnected? & group discussion

Speakers / Experts: National and International sustainability and climate change experts

Overall Moderation: FES & Prime + Group members

About Organizers:

About Prime Biodiversity Conservation ( PBC)

Prime Biodiversity Conservation is a Rwandan based not-for-profit organization with a mission of enhancing biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of natural resources through supporting conservation, climate change education and promotion of conservation actions.

About  Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is a non-profit Germany political foundation, created in 1925. The main objectives of FES are social democracy, good governance, peace and security, climate change, gender justice and decent work for all to achieve economic transformation and sustainable development.

How to Apply

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