Pre-Qualification of Suppliers & Non-consultancy Service Providers for Supply of Goods, and non-Consultancy Services At Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR), Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 26/07/2021
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Head of Research and Information At Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR), Kigali – CLOSE: 21/06/2021

Head of Research and Information

Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR)

AFR began its operations in 2010 with the core objective of stimulating the development of the financial sector in Rwanda.

Head of Research and Information

Kigali, Rwanda

About AFR

Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR) is a Rwandan not-for-profit company established in 2010 by the Governments of the United Kingdom and Rwanda. AFR is currently funded by UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO), Sweden, the MasterCard Foundation, and USAID.

AFR is part of the broader Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Network of programs in Africa that seek to improve the livelihoods of low-income people and contribute to the desired economic transformation by supporting efforts to improve financial inclusion and financial sector development.

AFR’s intention is to remove systemic barriers that hinder access and usage of financial services by low-income people, particularly the rural poor, women, youth, and MSMEs. AFR supports the development and provision of financial services including saving, credit, insurance, pension, payments, remittances, and capital market development.


The Head of Research and Information (R&I) has two key themes of responsibility:

  1. Lead program development and implementation for the Research and Information Pillar; this includes analysis of the ecosystem within which the Pillar operates, and understanding how supply, demand, and enabling environment interact to support or hamper the growth and inclusiveness of Rwanda’s financial markets.
  2. The Head of R&I will continuously monitor the desirability and feasibility of the different routes by which beneficial change can be stimulated, e.g. new investments, instruments, partnerships, and communications
  3. Directing the cross-cutting research and information service that supports the whole organization and informs the development of all interventions.  This involves providing expert advice on the design, measurement, and adaptive management of impactful interventions. It also involves leading the functions that contribute to AFR’s position as a thought leader and knowledge hub; including research, knowledge management, and communication, and ensuring that knowledge is curated and communicated in a way that is accessible and relevant to all stakeholders
  4. The Head of R&I will be expected to initiate and take responsibility for nurturing key business relationships (e.g. with regulators and policymakers, trade associations, private sector entities, technical or funding partners); providing thought leadership, and utilizing influencing strategies to support the achievement of AFR’s strategic goals.

Reporting line; The position reports to the Chief Programs Officer (CPO).

Supervises; Research Manager and any Data Analytics Specialist.

Download the technical job description


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