Individual Consultant Media and Public Relation At Heifer International Rwanda - CLOSE: 09/07/2021
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Individual Consultant Media and Public Relation At Heifer International Rwanda – CLOSE: 09/07/2021

Individual Consultant Media and Public Relation

Heifer International Rwanda

Heifer International – Rwanda

Scope of Work for

Individual Consultant Media and Public Relation

Duration – July to September 2021


Heifer’s envisioning Africa’s agriculture – 2030 (eaa-2030) is an agribusiness innovation competition designed to catalyze ground-up innovation from young Africans who would otherwise not innovate in the agricultural sector.

The competition will foster the creation of social businesses that address challenges faced by Smallholder Farmers “SHFs” in Africa, providing the incubation and financing they need to go from concept to market. The program also seeks to elevate agriculture as a desirable occupation with several opportunities for leveraging and integrating technology from farm to market, making the sector more attractive to the next generation of farmers.

The EAA-2020 program is an agricultural transformation initiative designed to catalyze the strategic shift needed to secure a sustainable and dynamic future for Africa’s smallholder farmers and Africa’s agricultural sector. Key issues giving rise to this project.

Understanding the need to identify, empower and position the next generation of farmers in Africa, EAA-2030 has the following objectives:

  1. Develop a platform to attract young African innovators to solve problems for SHFs in the agricultural sector.
  2. Elevate agriculture as a desirable occupation with meaningful technology-based jobs for youths, reversing the stigma that has driven young Africans from the farms to the cities.
  3. Support the process of uncovering and bringing to market, home-grown technology and innovation that will protect smallholders from the effect of climate change and reduce the physical efforts required to increase productivity and income.
  4. Challenge a new approach to the role of African youth in Agriculture, as an asset to the sector and not a liability.
  5. Challenge the need for investment in the sector’s human capital of the future.

About the Project

Heifer Africa is partnering with the AGRF on the Tech Agri-innovation competitions. The AGRF is hosting the Pitch Agri Hack competition, a digital agriculture competition to accelerate digital agriculture entrepreneurship led by young innovators, for growth and job creation.

The competition targets young (co)founders of start-ups that operate platforms (apps, hardware devices using software, etc.) that facilitate the delivery of digital services to the agricultural sector.

The competition has four categories as shown below – one winner each for the first three categories and a 4th special Heifer prize category for three winning agribusiness innovations:

  1. Early-stage category: Digital services generating revenue up to $20,000 annually. These include prototypes with functional features that demonstrate good potential for success.
  2. Mature category: Digital services enabled by platforms that are at a more advanced stage and are generating revenues above $20,000 annually.
  3. Special women prize: The best woman-led company/co-founded company will win a special prize.
  4. Heifer Bespoke prize awards: This is a special category sponsored by Heifer that recognizes the best innovations in West, East, and Southern Africa sub-region (candidates are by invitation/referral only – innovators such as WeFarm, Ignitia, PULA, iProcure etc leveraging technology to scale impact for smallholder farmers)

About the Role

Heifer Rwanda are looking for a competent Individual Public Relations (PR) Specialist to shape and protect our corporate image in ways that promote our business, values, and mission. He/She will be responsible for maintaining media relations and collaborating with marketing teams in promotional activities under this initiative.

The goal of the consultancy is to provide support for the competition in Rwanda through communications and branding strategies for Heifer International with identified target audience- Youth tech innovators, farmers and agricultural value chain players, potential private sector partners, potential donors – institutions/foundations, Local/National Governments, and partner networks/organizations.

The objectives for the assignment include.

  • Lead in the creation of awareness on the great opportunity for young Agri-tech innovators to get investments to scale their business.
  • Call to action for applications through compelling messaging that address youth fatigue, create excitement, and build on the uniqueness of what HPI offers through the Pitch AgriHack competition.
  • Create/maintain a positive public awareness on the Heifer brand and its objectives to support SHFs through tech innovations with the selected target audience.


  • Formulate PR plans and strategies.
  • Enhance the company’s voice and presence through online and offline channels.
  • Manage media relations and requests.
  • Write press releases, speeches, and other PR copy.
  • Plan and supervise events, fairs, conferences etc.
  • Support the implementation of promotional plans.
  • Present solutions in times of PR crisis.
  • Facilitate the resolution of disputes with the public or external vendors.
  • Lead survey initiatives and analyze public opinion.
  • Translate Heifer communication materials including the Africa Youth in Agri Tech Survey report, in Kinyarwanda or English as applicable.
  • Support in the design and branding of Heifer communication materials to be shared with public
  • Lead the organization and delivery of Heifer youth innovation challenge in Rwanda as part of the Heifer’s envision Africa 2030 strategy.
  • Train and coach the Heifer Communication officer


  • Develop a PR strategy, action plan and budget for the campaign and demonstrate ability to prioritize and plan effectively.
  • Proven experience as public relations specialist or similar position
  • Experience in project management and execution of PR campaigns and/or initiatives
  • Experience in copywriting and editing.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office; photo and video-editing software is an asset.
  • Existing relationships with local/regional/national governments, media, influencers an asset.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and awareness of different media agendas
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Aptitude in presentation and public speaking.
  • Proficiency in English.

 Duration of Assignment

The assignment is estimated to a contract period of three (3) Months. The qualified consultant is expected to start immediately after the signing of the contract.

Location of the assignment

The location of assignment will be in Kigali but possibility to travel upcountry (in all 30 Districts) The Consultant will work closely with the Heifer International Rwanda team.


The consultant is expected to deliver class work/ campaign tools, including the methodology and workplan for the campaign after signing the contract.

In addition, the consultant is expected to deliver the following deliverables.

  • Produce both hard and electronic version of campaign tools,
  • Produce reports based on the deliverables or work done

 Submission of all applicable documents as indicated below:

  • Technical Proposal
  • Financial proposal.
  • Cover letter
  • Three (3) reference letter

How to submit:

The bidder shall submit proposals in a pdf format via email at

Any questions pertaining to this bid should be addressed to Heifer International Rwanda through this email address or call 0788753013.

Deadline for submissions is on or before July 9th, 2021 at 5 p.m. Late bids will be rejected.

Done at Kigali, on 28th June 2021



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