Rwanda Policy Director At Spark MicroGrants, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 25/07/2021
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Planned Supply of 249 Mobile Phones At Spark MicroGrants, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 16/07/2021

Planned Supply of 249 Mobile Phones

Spark MicroGrants

Advancing Citizen Engagement Project


Title: Planned Supply of 249 mobile Phones

Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Closing date: 16th July 2021 at 11:30 AM CAT (Late bids will be rejected)

About SparkMicrogrants

Spark MicroGrants is International NGOs believes in a world where everyone lives with dignity and determines their own positive future. For nearly ten years, Spark MicroGrants has been pioneering a new approach to international aid. We believe in local solutions and catalyzing rural villages facing poverty into action.

At the heart of Spark’s model, the Facilitated Collective Action Process (FCAP), are ‘town-hall’ style weekly meetings, in which women and men plan together for their community’s future. Each village democratically elects a leadership committee, establishes a village savings account, and launches a project of their choice. Members receive weekly training on financial management and transparency, accountable leadership, village planning, and advocacy. Each village then receives US$8,000 in seed funds to turn project ideas into reality and receives an additional two years of management support. Over 260 villages have used the Spark process to collectively launch nearly 300 local impact projects, benefiting over 190,000 lives.

Spark microgrants is seeking a supplier to provide 249 Android smartphone devices that will be used by Community Based Facilitators (CBFs) for data collection in the Advancing Citizen Engagement project (ACE).

ACE will play an important role in strengthening grassroots participation and sustainable rural livelihoods in Rwanda. Working across 5 districts, 249 villages, 17,750 households and 76,000 people. These villages will be supported by CBF’s to achieve their own goals, and these CBFs will require the use of a smartphone with which to monitor the effectiveness of the project and

receive continued support from Spark Microgrants.


Based on the above information Spark microgrants is planning to seek a supplier to provide 249 Android smartphone devices that will be used by CBF’s for data collection in the Advanced citizen engagement project. The devices should have but not limited to the following technical specifications.




Our community-based facilitators will be working in rural areas where electricity

is scarce. The required device should be above 2500MAH


To accommodate the operation of our data collection app, the device should

have at least 8GB of storage


To accommodate the operation of our data collection app, the device should

have at least 1GB


The presence of a high-quality camera in the phone that is able to take photos of

documents that are eligible and translatable

The preferred supplier will offer technical support for the duration of the three-year project, including but not limited to phone repair and replacement, up to a certain level proposed by the supplier.

Eligible Bidders will provide the following documents to support their offers:

  • Copy of a quotation with a detailed description of the essential technical and performance characteristics of the mobile phones to be supplied establishing conformity to technical specifications provided; properly organized with a company stamp.
  • Copy of RDB Trading license,
  • A clearance certificate of accounts to the RRA tax department that is still valid, original or in form of a certified true copy,
  • If you are a reseller please attach the authorization letter of the main distributor,
  • Specify delivery timeline if awarded the tender,
  • The offers validity is 3 months period,
  • Please remember to mention in the application email subject line “Planned Supply of 249 mobile phones”.
  • Submission of at least 2 verifiable previous experience of similar supplies in Rwanda is an added advantage.

How to Apply

To apply, please attach together the above documents and send them via e-mail to the Procurement Officer Alain Mugabo at and copy Impact Director David Kitt at

For any inquiry, please use the same emails above.

For more information about SparkMicrogrants, its values and working principles, please visit its website:

Selection Criteria

Proposals will be assessed on their:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Ability to provide continued hardware support
  • Capacity to delivery with in less than one month after contract signing
  • Ability to provide strategic partnership with Spark for future projects and programs.




Submission of proposals

16th July 2021

Selection of the bidder

23rd July 2021

Timeline of delivery

One (1) month post contract signing


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