Provision of regular Maintenance Services for Cash Counting Machines DORS 800 Model At Umwalimu SACCO, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE 28072021
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Request for Proposals to Conduct Training on Customer Protection Principles At Umwalimu SACCO, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 07/07/2021

Request for Proposals to Conduct Training on Customer Protection Principles

Umwalimu SACCO

Request for proposals to conduct training on customer protection principles          

UMWALIMU SACCO is a Savings and Credit Cooperative for Rwandan Teachers. Its mission is to mobilize savings in order to improve the member’s welfare through provision of appropriate, innovative, affordable and accessible financial services through different savings and loan products and non-financial services. Mobilizing a pool of savings and later be offered loans at competitive interest rates are the core activities of the Cooperative.

To achieve this mandate and some of the goals set out in its Strategic Plan for 2019– 2021; Umwalimu Sacco is looking to engage a competent individual trainer /facilitator to provide a training that will facilitate Umwalimu SACCO staff to be equipped and be familiar with Customer protection principles. The trainer should be certified in Smart Campaign Assessment with relevant proof.

Competent trainers can obtain the details of the tender along with the terms & conditions of the tender from Umwalimu SACCO Head office KIMIRONKO-GASABO-KIGALI; Street No: KG 205 ST on any working day with effect from 17/6/2021.

Inquiries regarding this tender may be addressed to Umwalimu SACCO Head Office KIMIRONKO-GASABO-KIGALI; Street No: KG 205 ST or on telephone number 🙁 +250) 0252580426/ 0781469546.

Well detailed bids containing one original copy and two other copies with a mention of the outer envelope Proposal for consulting services for training in customer protection principles” shall be presented to UMWALIMU SACCO Head office in the Secretariat office in sealed envelope addressed to the Director General of UMWALIMU SACCO, P.O BOX 2257 KIGALI and Telephone: (+250) 0252580426/ 0781469546, not later than 07/07/2021at 10:00 am Local time. The public opening of the bids shall be held on the same day at 10:30am Local time in UMWALIMU SACCO Conference room. Late bids shall be rejected.

Done at Kigali, on 14/06/2021


 RUTAGANDA Bosco UWAMBAJE Laurence    
Director HR&Administration   Director General  

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