Request for Quotation for Group Insurance At Abt Associates Inc, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 23/07/2021
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Request for Quotation for Group Insurance At Abt Associates Inc, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 23/07/2021

Request for Quotation for Group Insurance

Abt Associates Inc
In 1965, Clark Abt expressed a single, noble goal—to create a world free of war and poverty. The visionary set to work establishing Abt Associates.
RFP No: RFP No: 04/018/2021
Issuing Office and Address for Bid Submission:



Abt Associates Inc.

Rwanda PMI VectorLink project

KG 8 Ave, M&M Plaza, 3rd floor Gishushu Nyarutara

P. O. Box  5200; Kigali, Rwanda

Package Markings:

RFP#: 04/018/2021 – Group insurance Bid – Abt Associates Inc. – VectorLink project


Attention: Chief of Party

Tel: (250) 252 572321/2/4


RFP Issuance Date: June 29, 2021
RFP Closing Date: Deadline for submission of bids is on July 23,2021 at 11:00 AM
Mode of Submission Original copy of bids should be sent to the contact address above and an electronic copy should be sent by email to:
Anticipated Type of Award: Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order(s)
Basis of Award: See “Evaluation Criteria” section
Funding Agency United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
Prime Contract Number: AID-OAA-I-17-00008
USAID Source / Nationality (Geo) Code: 935


Abt Associates Inc. is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development.  In Rwanda, Abt Associates is implementing the PMI/ USAID funded VectorLink Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health with the overall goal of reducing the burden of malaria in the country.

The VectorLink project needs Group insurance services and is inviting interested, registered, reputable, experienced companies to tender following the table below:

 RFP No: 04/018/2021: Group insurance bid

Number of Persons Duration Conditions
3,025 Persons 3 months Group insurance covering and with limit of indemnity:

–       Accidental death : 2,000,000 Rwf

–       Permanent disability : 2,000,000 Rwf

–       Medical fees: 200,000 Rwf

 Instructions to bidders

1.  All documents submitted in response to this RFQ, as well as all related correspondence, will be in English.

2.  Offerors are required to fully review all instructions and specifications contained in this RFQ. Failure to do so will be at the offeror’s risk.
3.  At any time prior to award of the contract, should Abt Associates deem it necessary to change the RFQ provisions, it will provide such amendment(s) in writing. No oral instructions by any person will in any way be considered to limit, exclude, modify, or otherwise affect any terms or conditions of this solicitation, and no supplier shall rely on any such instructions.
4.Responses to technical questions will be distributed to all bidders.
5. All responses to this RFQ shall be submitted via email to
And bids should be enclosed in envelopes indicating service bidding for and submitted in the bid box at the reception of Abt Associates office Kigali/Gishushu between 9 – 11 am on Friday 23, 2021. 

6. Quotes from Offeror(s) on US government debarred list will not be considered.
7. Bidder shall submit offer(s) with the following naming convention:
a. Email subject line (no space before/after dashes “-“):
RFQ# XXXX-Your company name

8.  Offers shall provide unit and total price per line. In case of discrepancy between unit and extended/total price, the unit price shall prevail.
9. Descriptive literature, quality standard supporting documentation, full technical specification per quoted item must be submitted with the bid. Submitted literature will be used to demonstrate compliance with the stated technical specification but shall in no way be considered to amend the quotation and the applicable RFQ requirement.
10. No advance payment should be expected by vendors from Abt Associates.
11. Associates Inc reserves the right to reject bids submitted without all requested information as non-responsive.
Quote Validity/Performance Period:

Submitted offers/Bids shall be valid for at least a period of 30 days from RFQ closing date

 Invoices and Payments:

Original invoice shall be presented to Abt Associates office after every twelve days of IRS operations/ breakfast service and after the whole service for lunch in trainings with accurately approved supporting documents (original signed purchase order/contract and original participants’ lists signed on a daily basis).

 Evaluation Criteria:

Abt Associates Inc, intends to award a PO (in whole or in part) to the most advantageous technically compliant offer(s), the following factors considered:

  • Adherence to specifications
  • Price and price related factors
  • Past performance

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