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The World University Service of Canada’s Field Support Services Project (WUSC FSSP) is a project established to provide technical, administrative, and logistical support services towards the implementation of Global Affairs Canada’s (GAC) development programming in Rwanda and other countries in the region.

1.1 Canada’s General Directions in International Development

While Canada does not have a High Commission in Rwanda, Canadian International Assistance continues to be delivered annually through various channels. In 2017-18, Canada provided $28.36 million in international assistance to Rwanda, of which $10.05 million was channelled through imputed long-term institutional support to multilateral organizations with activities in the country.

1.2 Objective

The international assistance program would like to strengthen communication linkages with other development actors within Rwanda and increase knowledge and understanding of Rwanda’s development challenges as a means to better coordinate and strengthen the delivery of Canada’s Development Assistance. Given the lack of physical presence, Canada seeks a development liaison officer in Rwanda to assist within this regard.

2. Scope of the Consultancy

Under the Direction of the Head of Development Cooperation, based in Nairobi, Kenya, the Consultant is responsible for providing liaison services to the Development Section of the High Commission of Canada in Nairobi, Kenya which could include- but not restricted to the following:

2.1 Information

· Develop and maintain a good knowledge of ongoing development activities in Rwanda, including those of government and non-governmental agencies, as well as institutional cooperation activities.

· Provide analyses on political, economic, and security developments in Rwanda and advise GAC on actions that could to be undertaken in order to take advantage of rising opportunities and challenges for development programming.

· Report on local policy issues that may be relevant to GAC’s interest and mandate in the region.

2.2 Networking

· Liaise, maintain dialogue, and develop linkages, and follow up on ongoing and new/future programming of other International Development Partners* NB: the consultant will not represent Canada in an official capacity

· Maintain regular contact and networking with key partners in the government, donor agencies and civil society.

· Develop and maintain effective partnerships, business relationships (networks) with local Canadian partners (where applicable), other projects e.g. UNDP, International Finance Institutions (IFIs), local trade associations and report to the Head, Development Cooperation on trends or potential opportunities for possible Canadian assistance.

2.3 Monitoring/Evaluation **

· Participation in the monitoring and evaluation of GAC projects as requested.

2.4 Communication & Liaison

· Upon request, attend certain meetings at events where the promotion of GAC’s development programs may be advanced.

2.5 Reporting/Deliverables

· Prepare monthly summary reports on all information obtained and/or reviewed.

· Include a section in the report that signals upcoming events that may be of interest to the High Commission.

· Upon request, prepare brief on country and sector specific reports for the High Commission.

· Document salaries/fee rates payable to consultants both in Kigali and other parts of the country for project managers/coordinators, project officers, finance officer, administrative assistants etc.

· Prepare contact lists for donors and government agencies.

2.6 Administrative/Logistics

· Provide logistical and administrative support to visiting GAC missions as required.

3. Level of Effort

· This position is for a part-time consultancy. The level of effort is estimated at seventy (70) days over a period of fourteen (14) months.

4. Qualifications

The ideal candidate shall meet the following minimum requirements:

· Minimum of five years of progressive experience in development programming;

· An undergraduate university degree from a recognized university in development studies, project management, international relations or any other relative degree.

· Excellent English language skills;

· Highly developed communication and facilitation skills;

· Analytical skills;

· Demonstrated experience in working with social media tools;**

· Knowledge of gender equality is an added advantage;

5. Reporting Structures

The consultant will report to the Country Team Lead based in Nairobi, Kenya. Ultimately, contracting obligations are with the Director, Field Support Services (FSSP).

6. Daily Fee

The consultant will quote the daily rate at the submission of the application.

7. Invoicing

All invoicing will be submitted in Canadian dollars as will be specified in the contract.

8. Location

The Liaison Officer position will be based in Rwanda. For non-Rwandese citizens, a work permit is mandatory.

How to Apply

9. Application Process

Candidates interested in this assignment are encouraged to email a brief cover letter (not more than 400 words) outlining the candidate’s relevant experience and skills and a CV of not more than four (four) pages that clearly aligns with each of the position’s mandatory requirements by the close of business on the 8th October 2021 with the subject heading “Rwanda Dev Liaison Officer” to: fsspkesa.recruitment@wusc.ca.

Candidates are also required to provide their expected consolidated daily fee rate in Canadian Dollars (CAD$) for undertaking this assignment. Further, candidates are required to provide names and contact details of three (3) most recent referees.

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