ToR to Recruit Youth Social Entrepreneurship Service Provider At SOS Children's Villages Rwanda - CLOSE: 29/07/2021
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Supply Materials it’s Earlier Childhood Development Program in SOS CV Gikongoro, Rwanda – CLOSE: 20/07/2021

Supply Materials it’s Earlier Childhood Development  Program in SOS CV Gikongoro

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda

Established in 1949, SOS Children’s Villages International is non-governmental organization working globally to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children.


SOS Children’s Villages started working in Rwanda in 1979. Its interventions aim at ensuring that children at risk and those who have lost parental care are cared for in a loving and safe home. Different SOS CV Rwanda programmes such as alternative care and family strengthening programmes ensure that the interests and rights of children are taken into consideration not only within SOS CV settings but also in the communities as well.

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda is seeking Competent Bidders to supply materials it’s Earlier Childhood Development  program in SOS CV Gikongoro as specified in the below Table.

Items/Description / specifications of goods


ECD materials  
Big span/dishes (Amasafuriya ) made in Kenya

Quality cookware: CRYSTAL

Capacity: at least 40L

Ibikombe/ Cups for children

Cups made in Rwanda, Original Ken star , Lovely Mug-903, KBS


Spoons/ibiyiko/ cuillere a soupe

Stinles steel, made in Chine


Soup plate / Amasahani afukuye hagati/ ever star, made in Rwanda N0 9095 1050
Plastic bucket with lid, Capacity: 60L 42

Matresses with density 18 190cmx140cmx15cm

Basins (Amabasi) Basin from Rainbow plastic LTD made in Rwanda N0 5530 42
Indobo/buckets in plastic. Super Drum, 60L ACME

KCBS Trusted quality. SM#27956

with special liflet for easy boading and carrying

made by Cello Industries

Drinking Keeper (Amajage):  Nairobe plastic Limited, made in Kenya, 416A, 2 L , NPL 42
floor mat (umukeka) with 3 parts, 14 star Brand, Japan technology,

made in Pakistan, 14 Star Marque

Soaps white bar clear boxes of 600 g 42
Toilet paper /super 420
Water storage/injerikani in plastic of 20L 42

 Notice: ECD materials will be delivered at SOS Nyamagabe Location

 For the interested Bidders, their applications should contain the following:

  • Registration certificate issued by RDB
  • Proof of registration in Rwanda Revenue Authority (TIN) and VAT
  • Proof of having a known physical address
  • The financial proposal (cost per unit, total cost per unit, total cost per each category of school materials, total cost for the entire bid, including taxes and transport)
  • Clearance certificate issues by RRA
  • 2 certificates of Good Completion
  • Proof of payment of tender non-refundable fees equivalent to (30,000 Rwf) Thirty Thousand Rwandan Francs payable on SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda account number: 400418314910177 entitled SOS CV Rwanda TRUST opened in BPR.

Well written Bids, must be sent electronically to the following e-mail address: not later than 20th July 2021 at 12:00 Pm, local hours. Please note that any application and relevant documents submitted in hard copy will be rejected.

Done at Kigali, on 29 June 2021


Jean Bosco KWIZERA

National Director

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