Supply of 5 Motorcycles At Inkunga Finance Plc, Karongi-Rwanda - CLOSE: 30/06/2021
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Supply of 5 Motorcycles At Inkunga Finance Plc, Karongi-Rwanda – CLOSE: 30/06/2021

Supply of 5 Motorcycles

Inkunga Finance Plc

Inkunga Finance Plc is a financial institution that offers savings and credit services to agriculture entrepreneurs, traders, industrial businesses, young entrepreneurs and regular people who just want to save for some personal projects. Inkunga Fin


Title: Supply of 5 motorcycles

0.    About Inkunga Finance Plc

INKUNGA FINANCE Plc is a licensed micro finance institution which is dedicated to promote    financial services for quality to small and medium entrepreneurs in order to contribute to their social-economic development.

1.    Delivery location for the Motorcycles

The successful supplier will be communicated few days later and shall be required to deliver the motorcycles to INKUNGA FINANCE Plc’s main office, located at Karongi District, Rubengera Sector.

2.     Technical Specifications

The required motorcycles shall maintain at least the following technical specifications:

  • TVS VICTOR GLX 125cc MW,KS ;

 Other Information

  • 2 months warrant
  • Plate number per motorcycle
  • 2 helmets with eye shield per motorcycle
  • 1 toolbox per motorcycle: double & spanner (14-12, 10-8), spark plug spanner, reversible ends screwdrivers (star & flat)

3.       Quotation Requirements

  • Quotations must include the following information at a minimum. Incomplete quotations may be rejected;
  • Full company name, physical and Email address;
  • Description of Item, specifications, price per unit, and total price in Rwanda Francs;
  • Delivery period and terms of conditions.
  • Past supply information-At least 3 references from reputable organizations with the supply of the same quantity or more;
  • Warranty information is very important;

4.       Financial and technical proposals

  • Financial proposal:The bidder shall propose a reasonable cost of market place and the registered company shall be entirely responsible for all taxes and delivery cost;
  • Experience:Bidding companies shall include information regarding their experience in the business, list of institutions/ proving the supply of similar goods such as copies of contracts, certificates of supply completion, etc.

 5.       Selection criteria

The selection will be based on demonstrated experience in business, quality of motorcycle and cost per each.

6.       Notification

The results/ outcomes of the selection shall be notified to the bidders through email.

7.       Right of Inkunga Finance 

Inkunga Finance has the right to make the negotiations related to the cost reduction to the successful bidder.

8.       Administrative Requirements

The bid document must include the following administrative documents at a minimum. Incomplete quotations may be rejected.

  • Price quotation including VAT and full company addresses;
  • Business registration certificate issued by Rwanda Development Board;
  • Valid tax clearance certificate issued by Rwanda Revenue Authority;

Well-presented bids prepared in the English language must be sent to not later than June 30th, 2021, at 4 pm. Bids submitted after the date and time mentioned will be rejected.

Done at Karongi, 14th June 2021



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