Supply of (6) Yamaha AG200 Motorcycles At Heifer International Rwanda, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE  July 5 2021
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Supply of (6) Yamaha AG200 Motorcycles At Heifer International Rwanda, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE:  July 5 2021

Heifer International Rwanda



The Partnership for Resilient and Inclusive Small Livestock Markets “PRISM” is a five-year project whose overall objective is to reduce poverty by empowering poor rural men, women, and youth to participate in the transformation of the Rwanda livestock sector and to enhance their resilience. This will be achieved by focusing on food security, nutrition and empowerment of women and youth in a sustainable and climate-resilient small livestock value chain development. Specifically the project seeks to increase competitiveness and profitability of the small livestock sector for the provision of quality products from smallholder producers to domestic and regional consumers, thus improving their livelihoods, food security and nutrition whilst building overall resilience.

PRISM is a partnership programme implemented by the Government of Rwanda through RAB/SPIU, and jointly supported by IFAD and ENABEL, with Heifer International as an implementing partner and co-financer. PRISM  is  constituted  of  two  complementary interventions, supported respectively by IFAD and ENABEL, whose content and strategies have been  aligned,  and  which  will  be  implemented  jointly, under  a  common  implementation mechanism. Heifer will implement activities in the framework of the IFAD supported interventions

Heifer Rwanda is seeking to support the implementation of this project through the provision of SIX (6) MOTORCYCLES to the Project field technicians. These motorcycles are expected to support the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of field activities in 15 Districts of the Country. The successful bidder will be required to deliver the motorcycles and its accessories at Heifer head office in Kacyiru, Kigali City.

1.    Technical Specifications of Motorcycles and Accessories

The required six (6) motorcycles shall conform to the minimum technical specifications of motorcycle brands suitable for Rwanda upcountry terrain:

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Specification /Capacity



Oil tank capacity

1.3 Liters (4-stroke engine oil)

Transmission Type

5-speed manual, chain final drive

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5-speed manual, cDrum/DrumOil tank capacity

5-speed manual, ch96 cc (12.0 custi) aiass=olf td> rbureo derive

SOHCOil tank capacity

5-speed manual, cL: 2,160 mm × W: 930 mm × H: 1,155 mmatWclass="conssion Type 5-speed manual, c128 kgatWclass="conssion Type 5-speed manual, c9:5:1atWclass="conssion Type5-speed manual, c1,345 mmatWclass="conssion Type5-speed manual, c235mmatWclass="conssion Type p class="rtejustify">5-speed manual, cs p class="rtejustify">5-speed manual, cC.D.IatWclass="conssion Typeden"> p class="rtejustify">5-speed manual, cC rbureos/tu BS26atWclass="conssion Type5-speed manual, cTeredcopISM5-speed manual, csnduro/Off-roadatWclass="conssion Typep class="rtejustify">5-speed manual, c67 mm × 55.7 mmatWclass="conssion Type

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