Supply of construction materials at Organisation Dignité en Detention/ Rwanda (DIDE), Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 04/12/2022

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Supply of construction materials at Organisation Dignité en Detention/ Rwanda (DIDE), Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 04/12/2022

RFQ N° 01/11/DIDE/2022

RFQ Number: RFQ No. 01/11/DIDE/2022 – November 2022

Issuance Date: 23th November 2022

Deadline for Quotes:December 04th, 2022 at 12:00 PM

Description: Supply of construction materials


Point of Contact: and cc

Section 1: Instructions to Offerors

Introduction: Dignity in Detention (DIDE) is a Rwandan registered non-profit organization with extensive experience in training justice officials and working within Rwanda’s prison system to provide rehabilitative psycho-social support to detainees. DIDE has been conducting projects in Rwanda for more than 20 years to ensure that women and adolescents in detention enjoy the protection, mental care and education they deserve.

In partnership with Interpeace, HAGURUKA and PFR, DIDE is implementing a project entitled “Reinforcing community capacity for social cohesion and reconciliation through Societal Trauma Healing in Rwanda”. As part of the program activities, DIDE is looking for eligible company to supply construction materials for TVET in Nyagatare prison.

Offer Deadline and Protocol: Offers must be received no later than 12:00 local Kigali time on December 4th, 2022 by email delivery. All offers must be sent via email to and copy to

Please reference the RFQ number in any response to this RFQ. Offers received after the specified time and date will be considered late and will be considered only at the discretion of DIDE.

Offerors are responsible for ensuring that their offers are received by DIDE in accordance with the instructions, terms, and conditions described in this RFQ.  Failure to adhere with instructions described in this RFQ may lead to disqualification of an offer from consideration.

Questions: Questions regarding the technical or administrative requirements of this RFQ may be submitted no later than 12:00pm local Kigali time on December 4th, 2022 by email to  Questions must be submitted in writing; phone calls will not be accepted. Questions and requests for clarification—and the responses thereto—that DIDE believes may be of interest to other offerors will be circulated to all RFQ recipients who have indicated an interest in bidding.

Only the written answers issued by DIDE will be considered official and carry weight in the RFQ process and subsequent evaluation. Any verbal information received from employees of DIDE or any other entity should not be considered as an official response to any questions regarding this RFQ.

Specifications: Section 3 contains the technical specifications of the required items. All equipment and materials supplied in response to this RFQ must be new and unused.

Quotations: Quotations in response to this RFQ must be priced on a fixed-price. Pricing must be presented in Rwandan Francs.

In addition, offerors responding to this RFQ are requested to submit the following:

  • A copy of their official registration and VAT registration.
  • Previous tax declaration and tax clearance certificate(TCC)
  1. Delivery: The delivery location for the items described in this RFQ is Nyagatare prison. As part of its response to this RFQ, each offeror is expected to provide an estimate (in calendar days) of the delivery timeframe (after receipt of notification order). The delivery estimate presented in an offer in response to this RFQ must be upheld in the performance of any resulting contract.
  2. Eligibility: By submitting an offer in response to this RFQ, the offeror certifies that its principal officers are not debarred, suspended, or otherwise considered ineligible for an award by the Government of Rwanda.
  3. Evaluation and Award: The award will be made to a responsible offeror whose offer follows the RFQ instructions, meets the eligibility requirements. The following point will be considered while evaluating the offeror
  • Technical – 65 points: Responsiveness to the technical specifications and requirements.
  • Delivery – 25 points: The time between issuance of an order and the supply of items described
  • Past Performance – 10 points: Based on at least two (2) client references for recently- supply and servicers provided. Two (2) recent past performance references of similar work as well as contact information for the companies/ organizations for which such work was completed.

Best-offer quotations are requested. It is anticipated that award will be made solely based on original quotations. However, DIDE reserves the right to conduct any of the following:

  • DIDE may conduct negotiations with and/or request clarifications from any offeror prior to award.
  • DIDE may cancel this RFQ at any time.

Terms and Conditions: This is a Request for Quotations only. Issuance of this RFQ does not in any way obligate DIDE to make an award or pay for costs incurred by potential offerors in the preparation and submission of an offer.

This RFQ is subject to DIDE’s standard terms and conditions. Any award will be governed by these terms and conditions; a copy of the full terms and conditions is available upon request. Please note the following terms and conditions will apply:

  1. DIDE’ standard payment terms are in 30 working days after receipt and acceptance of any items and service provided. Payment will only be issued to the entity submitting the offer in response to this RFQ and identified in the resulting award; payment will not be issued to a third party.
  2. Any award resulting from this RFQ will be firm fixed price, in the form of a subcontract.

Section 2: Offer Checklist

To assist offerors in preparation of proposals, the following checklist summarizes the documentation to include an offer in response to this RFQ:

  • Cover letter, signed by an authorized representative of the offeror
  • Official quotation and timeline for materials to be supplied
  • VAT business registration certificate, previous tax declaration and tax clearance certificate
  • 2 professional references or past performance

Section 3: Specifications and Technical Requirements

The overall goal of this activity is strengthen the prisoner’s resilience capacities to socioeconomic hardships by promoting and supporting inclusive and collaborative socio-economic initiatives, through vocational skills trainings in response of this project Reinforcing community capacity for social cohesion and reconciliation through Societal Trauma Healing in Rwanda” and to supply equipment and materials to the mentioned prisons.

Specific tasks for the supplier:

  • To supply construction materials for TVET located in Nyagatare prison

Contractual arrangements and supervision:

The supplier will be hired under DIDE terms of contract solely for the purpose of providing the above services, within the agreed time frame.

Duration of the Assignment:

The assignment is expected to be in the range of 1 and half months and it will start after the contract is signed.


  • List of Construction Materials to Supply.

For more information and clarification regarding the RQF please email to

  • Category : Tenders


Nyarugenge,Kigali City,Rwanda

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