Supply Timbers for houses Carpentry in Construction Wood (Eucalyptus) At DUHAMIC – ADRI, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 05/07/2021
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Tender to Supply Emergency Materials At DUHAMIC – ADRI, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 28/06/2021

Tender to Supply Emergency Materials


DUHARANIRA AMAJYAMBERE Y’ICYARO-Action pour le développement rural intégré

Tender to Supply Emergency Materials

DUHAMIC-ADRI is a Non-Governmental Organization legally granted by Rwandan law with the mission to support integrated development.  To respond to the emergencies recently occurred in the District of Rubavu due to Nyiragongo volcano eruption and earthquakes; DUHAMIC-ADRI has received fund from START FUND via OXFAM and TROCAIRE to support some of the affected population.

It is in this regards that DUHAMIC-ADRI invites all qualified companies including manufacturing companies to provide their competitive quotations

Tender requirements:

All interested companies must comply with the following conditions:

  1. A motivation letter addressed to the Executive Secretary of DUHAMIC-ADRI;
  2. Quotations for selected lots (the proposed prices must include the transport, loading and downloading cost, taxes, and others direct and indirect charge);
  3. Provide company registration certificate;
  4. Proof of using EBM;
  5. Provide at least three certificates of good completions of similar tenders (Not required for manufacturing companies and timbers vendors);
  6. Be legally operating in Rwanda;
  7. Being able to supply all items of selected lots no later than 2 days after receiving the purchase orders

The Specifications of each lot are in terms of references attached

The interested bidders shall submit their offers by email to except iron sheets manufacturing companies which will submit their bid documents in well-sealed envelopes at the DUHAMIC-ADRI office located in Niboye Sector of Kicukiro District. The deadline for receiving all bid documents is fixed on Monday 28th June 2021 at 9h00 AM.  The late offers will be not received.  The bid opening for iron sheets will be in a public session on the same date (Monday 28th June 2021 at 9h30 AM).

Done at Kigali 24th June 2021


Executive Secretary


Tender to Supply Emergency Materials At DUHAMIC – ADRI, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE 28062021

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