Consultant sought to conduct a Feasibility study to Identify viable Business Opportunities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru At Trócaire, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 19/07/2021
Consultant sought to conduct a Feasibility study to Identify viable Business Opportunities in Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru At Trócaire, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 19/07/2021
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Terms of Reference: Analysis of Capacity Strengthening Needs and Gaps among Local Organizations in Rwanda at Trócaire Kigali,Rwanda – CLOSE:04/10/2021

About Trócaire
Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Trócaire was established in 1973 to express the concern of the Irish Catholic Church for any form of human need, but particularly for the needs and problems of communities in the Global South. With our partners we work with some of the world’s poorest people, supporting women, men and communities for long-term change. In Ireland, we raise awareness about the causes of poverty through our outreach programmes in the education sector, through parish networks, and through our public campaigns and advocacy work.

In Rwanda, Trócaire started working in 1994, after the genocide against the Tutsi. Our work focused on the provision of humanitarian support and slowly changed into rehabilitation and development support. Trócaire Rwanda works in 7 districts and programmes are focusing on Natural Resources, Women’s Empowerment and Humanitarian preparedness and response.

More information about Trócaire is available at .

Context of Work
Trócaire has worked in partnership with local organisations in the countries where we work for nearly 50 years. As a partnership agency, Trócaire is committed to the ‘Localisation of Aid’ agenda that has been at the forefront of humanitarian discourse since the World Humanitarian Summit, 2016. In its new Strategic Plan (2021-2025)1, Trócaire has committed to making a step-change from Partnership to Localisation by shifting the power more profoundly to local and national partners.

In Rwanda, Trócaire will support 14 local organizations under its new strategic plan. In addition, Trócaire Rwanda has the ambition to become a key agency in providing capacity-strengthening support to local organizations.
To deliver on this commitment, Trócaire wants to identify capacity strengthening gaps and needs in order to further guide its strategic plan and its implementation modalities.

It is for this reason that a consultant is being sought to lead on this analysis of capacity strengthening needs and gaps, both from the perspective of local organizations, as well as from the perspective of Regulatory Authorities, Development Partners (donors) and Private entities.
Objective of the consultancy
The objective of this consultancy is to provide a clear overview and analysis of existing and prioritized capacity strengthening needs for local organizations in Rwanda. Secondly, the objective for this consultancy is to provide Trócaire with a tailored set of recommendations and guidance on how to be able to take this forward as part of Trócaire Rwanda’s ambition to become the go-to CSO capacity strengthening organization under its new strategic plan (2021-2025).

Scope of the Work

The consultant will be expected to lead on the development and issuing of the survey questionnaires and tools, as well as the analysis of data and development of a report with clear findings and recommendations. Recommendations should entail both recommendations in terms of capacity strengthening niche for Trócaire Rwanda to focus on (based on identified needs and gaps), as well as in terms of recommended necessary skillsets, team structure and/or any other prerequisites for Trócaire Rwanda to be able to successfully perform on capacity strengthening and achieve its ambition in this regard.
Different survey tools may be chosen for the different audiences. A final decision on tools to be used, will be made after engagement with the consultant and upon her/his recommendations, but could look as follows:

  1. Focus group discussion with Trócaire Rwanda staff (both programme and finance staff);
  2. Online survey with approx. 20 questions for 50 local organizations + qualitative interviews or focus group discussion with a selected number of local organizations;
  3. Online survey with approx. 10 questions for 20 International NGOs and 10 private entities (e.g. grant management companies) + qualitative interviews with a selected number of INGOs and private entities;
  4. Short questionnaire for face to face/virtual interviews (approx. 10 questions using both open and closed questions) for 10 development partners;
  5. Short questionnaire for face to face/virtual interviews (approx. 10 questions using both open and closed questions) for 10 regulatory authorities (e.g. Rwanda Governance Board, Ministry of Local Government, District Authorities)**Proposed Methodology** The following is an initial proposed methodology; however, Trócaire assumes that the consultant will recommend modifications based on their expertise and experience. The consultancy can be done in Rwanda in case the consultant is residing in Rwanda, but can otherwise also be done entirely virtual, with no travel required.
  6. Document Review of the following to establish solid background of Trócaire and its localization and partner capacity strengthening approach
    • Keystone Partner Feedback Report – Trócaire global report as well as country-specific report
    • Global analytical report on Trócaire’s performance against C4C indicators.
    • Trócaire global and Rwanda Strategic Plan 2021-2025
    • Rwanda’s localization research reports;
  7. -A selection of partner capacity building assessment reports and capacity building plans developed together with partners.
  8. Inception meeting with Trócaire’s Global Hub and Rwanda team on Partnership & Localisation for questions or clarifications, to obtain a good understanding of current capacity strengthening efforts undertaken, current team structure and skill set, and to agree on the plan for the consultancy on the basis of the document review. The consultant may be required to submit a brief Inception Report outlining the approach to the consultancy agreed upon after discussions with the Hub and Rwanda team.
  9. Development of the necessary tools for data collection. The consultant is expected to recommend the tools for data collection based on their expertise and experience.
  10. Data collection through both available secondary sources as well as primary data collection through the surveys, interviews and focus group discussions. NB: the virtual meetings with regulatory authorities as well as development partners will be carried out together with a representative of Trócaire Rwanda’s team (either the Country Director or Program Manager);
  11. Data analysis from the results of the surveys and interviews;
  12. Report drafting to outline findings and recommendations for Trócaire Rwanda in terms of focus on capacity strengthening domain, as well as in terms of required needs at office level in order to cater for these capacity-strengthening needs (e.g. recommended skillset required, team structure, etc).
  13. Report revision based on Trócaire’s feedback on the draft document.
  14. Final report submission including the full survey questions used and response data sets received. The report will be used for internal purposes only and a word document would therefore suffice.**Timeline**
    This consultancy is expected to commence by mid-end October with the final report delivered latest by late November 2021. The consultant should propose the amount of time required for the completion of the report in the submission of their application, based on the information provided above.
  15. Proven expertise and experience in capacity strengthening of local NGOs in an international NGO environment;
  16. Relevant professional experience and technical knowledge to carry out the intended report writing.
  17. Advanced degree in a related field of study (for example, development studies, public policy, social sciences, or a related field).
  18. Up-to-date understanding and knowledge of discourse on localisation and relevant global instruments such as GB 2.0, C4C etc.
  19. Quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  20. Excellent spoken and written English skills (including reports and publications).
  21. Excellent time management skills, with an ability to deliver high-quality outputs on time.
  22. Commitment to the safeguarding of programme participants, as demonstrated by signing Trócaire’s Safeguarding Programme Participants Policy.**Desirable:**
  23. Experience in,- and understanding of the humanitarian/development system in Rwanda.
    All consultants who work for Trócaire will be required to sign and abide by Trócaire’s official position statement on exploitation and abuse, including zero-tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse. Trócaire recognises that abuse of power has led, and continues to lead, to many forms of exploitation and abuse. The nature of Trócaire’s work creates a power differential between those employed by or working with Trócaire and programme participants and partners. Trócaire acknowledges that the potential exists for those who work with programme participants and partners to abuse their position of power. Trócaire’s commitment to safeguarding is inclusive of its staff and all those with whom it comes into contact through its work.

How to Apply

All Expressions of Interest should be emailed to, latest by 4th October 2021, and contain the following:

• Brief Technical Proposal (maximum 5 pages) highlighting the consultant’s understanding of the project and proposed methodology, the proposed schedule/work plan, and the consultant’s proposed fees/daily rate, with justification.
• Up-to-date CV, including the name, address, phone number and email address of the consultant.

• 1-2 previous writing/research samples which demonstrate your experience and qualifications relevant to the proposed body of work.

Each application received will be evaluated based on technical quality; background and experience of the consultant; and value for money.

Any queries relating to this ToR should be directed by e-mail to Marleen Masclee, Trócaire Rwanda Country Director, at

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