Terms of Reference for Creation of an Impact Video for RCSP and NINGO to be utilized During the CSO Week 2023 at Trócaire, Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 05/12/2022

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Terms of Reference for Creation of an Impact Video for RCSP and NINGO to be utilized During the CSO Week 2023 at Trócaire, Kigali, Rwanda – CLOSE: 05/12/2022

Terms of Reference
Creation of an Impact Video for RCSP and NINGO to be utilized During the CSO Week 2023


The Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) is composed of 12 national umbrella Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with 1,478 member organizations. RCSP serves to enhance capacities of CSOs to contribute to the people’s well-being by acting as a platform for dialogue, context analysis, and exchange of information, mutual respect, lobbying, and evidence-based advocacy. Its mission is to empower, represent, coordinate and defend public interests and the interest of its members at national, regional, and international levels for development, effectiveness, and sustainability.

The Network of International Non-­‐Governmental Organizations (NINGO) was formed in 2005 with the aim of creating an exchange platform for members to network, share experiences and synergies, and the opportunity for members to speak with one voice. As the only umbrella organization for international NGOs, NINGO remains as a recognized bridge between INGOs and development partners. With more than 75 members, NINGO collectively makes a significant contribution to Rwanda, bringing over US$212 million annually to support the country’s development objectives.

Although both platforms have existed for decades, some audiences are still unclear of their vision, goals and achievements. In addition, audiences are unaware of the collective range of programmes carried out by the member organisations and the collective scale of investment and impact of local CSOs and INGOs in Rwanda.


The objective of this project is to create a video that clearly, comprehensively and innovatively showcases what RCSP and NINGO do and the breadth of member organisations’ work, impact, and their contributions to national development priorities. The content will bring the two entities together to showcase their combined reach, impact and continued collective participation towards the sustainable development of Rwanda.

The video content is expected to bring out and reinforce NINGO’s objectives of networking, participation and advocacy, and reinforce RCSP’s core objectives: empower, represent, coordinate and defend public interests and the interest of RCSP members. More specifically, it is expected to:

  • reinforce the reputation of RCSP and NINGO as respected and recognised ‘go to’ networks by government stakeholders, diplomats, donors, and decision-­‐makers as they represent the interest of the civil society and INGOs in Rwanda;
  • Show collective contribution of RCSP and NINGO members to the SDGs, and highlight common areas of interest;
    Increase awareness and understanding of both networks; showcase work/impact of member organisations – stressing the collaboration between INGOs and CSOs
  • support the platforms’ objective of attracting new members

Video length and content

The objective is to create a 4 minutes video with the title ‘”Alone we Go Fast, Together, We Go Further”


  • Use visuals (illustrations and infographics) to illustrate the depth and breadth of the impact of the collective work of CSOs and INGO’s in Rwanda.
  •  Use voices of program participants that are compelling and powerful to bring to life the impact of RCSP and NINGO member organisations in a real and relatable way.
  • Use existing archives (videos, data etc) from CSOs and INGO to showcase impact through the stories of beneficiaries.
  • The archives must ensure stories/data from beneficiaries from across Rwanda. Stories of economic transformation and impact from beneficiaries should be highlighted.
  • In situations where field data is needed, the consultant will arrange to compile video footage at specified field sites. These will include interviews of key persons (mayor, RGB lead, some beneficiaries of selected interventions to showcase impact.
  • Use visuals that show collaboration and collective work/impact.
  • Videographer will use of animation to tell the story in a timeless way, rather than featuring a specific person and/or organization.
  • Include voices from district officials, the central government (RGB) to speak about CSOs and INGO work and impact.
  • Ensure that the video highlights opportunities and success stories around selected themes

 Concept development and production:

  • The video should meet the technical standards set by RCSP and NINGO.
  • The focal point selected by RCSP and NINGO will be responsible for the overall coordination of the video production from start to finish.
  • The production of the video brief might be subject to change and the consultant should be open to changes or additions.

Technical Requirements:


Camera: Full HD DSLR Camera.
Sound: Stereo Sound.

  • Boom microphone.
  • Lavalier microphone (wireless)

Light: Indoor/Outdoor mobile lights.


  • Editing: Adobe Premier
  • Animation: Adobe After Effect
  • Format: MP4

Branding: details as determined by RCSP and NINGO

  • Color Palette
  •  Font
  • Graphic Style

Archive files:

  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • Video
  • MS Office format (Charts)

Participants in the project:

  • RCSP members and NINGO member organisations
  • Sign off will be by NINGO ExCom and RSCP Senior Management

Target Audience

  • Primary Audience:
  • High level enablers and influencers
  • Government institutions and agencies
  • RGB, Line Ministries, District Officials
  • Diplomats
  • Development Partners
  • INGOs/National NGOs/CSOs members respectively of NINGO and RCSP
  • Private Sector
  • Media, social media influencers and enablers

Secondary Audience

  • CSOs not RSCP members
  • RCSP member associations -­‐ motivate continued involvement
  • INGO’s not members of NINGO

 Production deliverables

  • Potential producers will be briefed and then asked to pitch their ideas based on objectives provided by RCSP and NINGO.
  •  Producer and selected members will create a concept script for the video.
  •  Producer to compile data, pictures, and other materials for the video production as provided by RCSP and NINGO.
  • Pre-­‐production with RCSP and NINGO focal point to agree shooting locations, crew, sources
  • Shooting video treatments and shooting scripts (existing footage will be considered, depending on quality.)
  • Editing video;
  • Overseeing pre-­‐production, production and post-­‐production of the video;
  • Offline editing and presentation to NINGO Thematic Groups
  • Delivery of the videos for to NINGO Thematic Groups
  • Only RCSP, NINGO and RGB logos logos will be included. No organizational branding should be included in the video.


  • Estimated time for the whole project is 3 months -­‐ November 2022 to January 2023.
  • Script Writing -­‐ final draft November 16th
  •  January 2023: The video should be fully completed and signed-­‐off by NINGO ExCom and RCSP Senior management
  • Producer should create a production timeline to be approved by NINGO and RSCP that fits within this timeframe.

Application procedure

Please send 2 samples of your work, a technical offer and your financial offer to praisewinniem@gmail.com copy to ningorw@gmail.com  and info@rcsprwanda.org by 05/12/2022 at midnight.


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