ToR to Recruit Youth Social Entrepreneurship Service Provider At SOS Children's Villages Rwanda - CLOSE: 29/07/2021
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ToR to Recruit Youth Social Entrepreneurship Service Provider At SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda – CLOSE: 29/07/2021

ToR to Recruit Youth Social Entrepreneurship Service Provider

SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda

Established in 1949, SOS Children’s Villages International is non-governmental organization working globally to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children.

 ToR To Recruit Youth Social Entrepreneurship Service Provider

1.1.    Background

SOS Children’s Village Rwanda is an international NGO that protects the rights of children and young people without or at risk of losing parental care through childcare, child protection, family strengthening and youth empowerment programs.

In February 2021, SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda has signed a partnership agreement with DHL Express Rwanda to foster youth empowerment through social entrepreneurship and youth employability.

1.2.    Introduction on Social Entrepreneurship 

Funded through a partnership with DHL Express Rwanda, the Social Entrepreneurship Program will support 30 vulnerable young people in Rwanda aged 18-24 years to develop social entrepreneurship skills to activate their talents and externalize their dreams into real businesses.

1.3.    Assignment

SOS Rwanda is seeking a service provider e.g. NGO or company that has renowned competences in implementing a social entrepreneurship program to  provide theoretical and practical social entrepreneurship skills to 30 young vulnerable youth (with average education level) for 6 months (July – December 2021)

1.4.    Specific Objectives, roles and responsibilities of the partner

a.    Provide a list of key topics that will be covered in the social entrepreneurship training Develop custom-made training curriculum/modules in Kinyarwanda based on the above
b.    Conduct entrepreneurship training  Organize social business pitch events  and train the youth to pitch their social business
c.    Follow-up on youth that received seed capital and report impact
d.    Train young people to develop a viable social that can generate regular income
e.    Follow up on social businesses (individually or in groups) established by youth who received seed capital


The Technical Proposal should be comprised of the following:

  • Understanding of the objectives
  • The Training delivery mode (face-to-face or online)
  • List of key training topics and clear description of each topic
  • Clear and detailed work plan to achieve the above-mentioned objectives
  • Provide updated CVs and in-depth description of the lead applicant and members in social entrepreneurship and similar assignments
  • Address of at least two traceable professional referees that can certify the skills


At the end of six months, the partner should have shaped young people achieve the following:

  • Young people are able to identify and run a social enterprise which fits to the context in their locality
  • Young people are able to assess the needs of local marketplace and identify their area of best fit in the marketplace
  • Young people understand the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Young people gain entrepreneurship and business development skills as well as understand expectations in the marketplace.
  • Young people are able to develop viable business plan that can generate regular income to vulnerable youth Young people are able to enter the marketplace and pitch the value of their product or services in the marketplace with their unique selling point and value proposition
  • Young people are able to build necessary confidence and courage to gain market entry
  • Young people acquire basic financial management skills
  • Young people are able to manage their seed capital and implement business idea to grow their businesses


Interested applicant should demonstrate the following skills and qualifications:

  • The Lead applicant should have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics or other related subject. A Master’s Degree will be an added value
  • Have knowledge of social entrepreneurship in local context of Rwanda;
  • Operate under a registered entity e.g. Limited company or civil society organization
  • Have in place financial management system
  • Able to produce quality narrative and financial report every quarter in English
  • Provide evidence that they had conducted training for vulnerable young vulnerable youth (with average education level) in the past
  • Have qualified Mentors/staff to deliver face-to-face trainings and do follow up of learners
  • Have excellent command of English and Kinyarwanda
  • Submit at least two traceable professional referees that can certify the skills
  • Proof of payment of tender non-refundable fees equivalent to (30,000 Rwf) Thirty Thousand Rwandan Francs payable on SOS Children’s Villages Rwanda account number: 400418314910177 entitled SOS CV Rwanda TRUST opened in BPR.


Applications shall be submitted to by 29th July 2021 with the subject “Youth Social Entrepreneurship”

The offer must include:

  • A Technical Proposal (see details on required information under methodology section)
  • Detailed financial proposal including all costs

Done at Kigali, on 9 July 2021

Jean Bosco KWIZERA

National Director

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