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Published date: 14/02/2020
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Details of listing: TOR for Impact Assessment Consultant at ActionAid Rwanda (AAR)- CLOSE 25/02/2020

Kigali, RWANDA

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ActionAid Rwanda is an Associate member of ActionAid Global Federation committed to ending poverty and injustice. AAR works alongside people living in poverty and exclusion empowering and building their capabilities to claim and realize their rights.  AAR partners with rural communities to challenge the root causes of poverty, build their skills and increase their knowledge for them to identify long-lasting solutions.

Background of the Project

SPEAK OUT’s overall project goal is that: Women and girls in Rwanda are free from all forms of gender-based violence and are empowered to fully exercise their rights; The project’s outcome is that girls, community members and women’s rights organizations (WRO) have increased willingness, confidence and ability to report and respond to cases of violence in Karongi, Nyanza, Gisagara and Nyaruguru districts in Rwanda. The following outputs have been identified as key to the project’s success:

  • Girls are provided with the knowledge, skills, and support to prevent and respond to cases of violence.

  • Community members, including boys, are sensitized and mobilized to denounce and prevent Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

  • Survivors of violence are better supported through improved access to VAWG services and linkages with women’s rights networks.

  • 14 Women’s rights organizations and networks in 4 districts are strengthened to prevent and respond to VAWG.

Speak Out Project is intended to innovatively enable AAR to scale up tried and tested approaches on VAWG and Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR); generate evidence and learning on how to shift harmful VAWG social norms using a youth-led approach.  An AA global meta-evaluation of the federation’s key VAWG programs highlights the need to integrate more of a ‘challenging’ women’s rights message into programming, focusing on the drivers of gender inequality and the norms and attitudes that shape harmful traditional practices. It emphasizes the need to continue the work that is being done but to also give more focus to addressing the root causes of VAWG, i.e. the attitudes towards gender norms that may influence violent behavior. Speak Out will provide an opportunity to place much more emphasis and resources on shifting social norms using multiple community entry points.”

The rationale of the Impact Assessment

The impact assessment is intended to assess whether and to what extent the project’s youth-led approach enables the shifting of norms on VAWG both among the girls themselves but also within the wider community.

General Objective

 Assess to what extent the school clubs’ model is leading to a change in adolescent girls’ willingness, confidence, and ability to report and respond to cases of VAWG.

Specific Objectives

  • To assess the extent to which interventions through school clubs improve members’ awareness of VAWG reporting pathways

  • To assess the extent to which knowledge channeled through clubs leads to a reduction of VAWG acceptability

  • To assess the extent to which interventions through schools’ clubs contribute to the levels of VAWG reporting at Isange One Stop Centers and other channels.


Given the qualitative nature of the project interventions and intended changes, the impact Evaluation will take on a 4-wave longitudinal fixed panel study design. It consists of a sample of girls in clubs and follows them throughout the four years of the project at regularly repeated interviews once per year. The first wave of impact assessment was done in year one of the project in March 2019 and these same girls will be followed up at these regular intervals so as to track changes in their lives and the reason for those changes establishing clear attribution of the interventions channeled through clubs.   

Sampling Strategy 

Speak Out Project is working with 8,200 students distributed in 100 clubs in 45 schools in 4 districts highlighted above. Purposive sampling methodology was applied and 7 girls were selected from each district to make a total sample of 28 girls. The girls were randomly selected to be part of the study and age range and disability issues were considered to ensure that all categories are represented.

Tasks of the consultant

  • Review relevant project documents including those specific to the Impact Assessment

  • Identify and train female interviewers in conducting qualitative interviews and safeguarding for two days.

  • Coordinate processes of data collection with participants to the study ethically and ensuring safeguarding

  • Effectively translate raw data from field level interviews  

  • Carry out analysis of qualitative data bearing in mind ethical and safeguarding issues related to adolescent girls

  • Compile a detailed report of the findings comprising lessons learned and recommendations

  • Incorporate inputs that might be given and finalize the report.

  • Provide regular updates to ActionAid Rwanda on the progress of the exercise regarding challenges/issues in obtaining data.

AAR’s Obligation:

  • Assist in the identification of respondents to be interviewed as part of the assessment.

  • Provide the consultant with data collection tools

  • Inform partners, local community structures, and other relevant stakeholders that the survey is going to be conducted

Expected deliverables:

  • An inception Report (showing clearly the methodology and work plan)

  • Draft report (clearly presenting information on the main assessment questions factually and statistically)

  • Provision of both soft and hard copies of the final report.

Qualifications, skills, and experience:

The consultant should ideally have the following:

  • Advanced degree in social science and other related fields

  • Experience in conducting girls and adolescent focussed research works ideally around SRHR and VAWG

  • Extensive experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative data

  • Good knowledge and experience in designing surveys that take into consideration safeguarding issues and rights protection

  • The report should be written in English

  • Excellent facilitation skills (Ability to engage people in conversation and record answers clearly and accurately, Organisational and team engagement skills)

Other requirements

  • Company profile

  • Providing RDB certificate of domestic company registration

  • Providing latest RRA Tax clearance certificate

  • Providing an RSSB clearance certificate

  • Providing at least three good completion certificates of similar works

Line of coordination:

The consultant, in undertaking the exercise, will report to the Program Quality Learning and Accountability Coordinator with close collaboration with SPEAK OUT Project Manager and with the overall supervision of AAR Head of Programmes and Policy.


Data collection and submission of the final report are expected to be completed within a maximum period of three weeks including one week of collecting data and two weeks analyzing data and producing the report.

How to apply:

Applicants are expected to submit the following documents:

  • Technical proposal (accompanied by the company profile, RDB certificate of domestic company registration, latest RRA Tax clearance certificate, RSSB clearance certificate and at least three good completion certificates of similar works).

  • Financial proposal

Interested individuals or companies should submit by hand their proposals to conduct an impact assessment to ActionAid Rwanda Head of Office at Remera opposite Amahoro Stadium near RSSB building and CSS Zigama Bank at KG 178 ST 7.  Not later than 25th February 2020 at 10:00 am. Please address your request to the Country Director ActionAid Rwanda.

Note: the Selected consultant will be expected to sign the contract and abide to ActionAid values and key policies (including Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy, safeguarding policy and Child Protection Policy, etc.).


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