(EoI) to Install Carpet tile in the GIZ Project Office, Kigali-Rwanda - CLOSE: 21/06/2021
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(EoI) to Install Carpet tile in the GIZ Project Office, Kigali-Rwanda – CLOSE: 21 June 2021

(EoI) to Install Carpet tile in the GIZ Project Office

 Expression of Interest (EoI)To install carpet tile in the GIZ project office

A.    Context:  

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a federally owned international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. GIZ has worked in Rwanda for over 30 years. The primary objectives between the Government of Rwanda and the Federal Republic of Germany are poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, GIZ Rwanda is active in the sectors of Decentralization and Good Governance, Economic Development and Employment Promotion, Energy and ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

B.    Description of assignment:

A new office space has been rented in the Career Center building. The space rented is approximately 1055 sqm. Currently, the office space is an open space with separate toilets. The open space shall be separated by partitions into various smaller spaces/offices as planned in the architectural plans and the floor will be covered by carpet tiles

Hence, GIZ Rwanda is looking for a specialized company able to execute properly installation carpet tiles.  

The selected company will have to implement the works according to the drawing plan and the bill of quantities (BoQ).

C.    Tasks to be performed by the contractor

Under the supervision of the architect and the project head of project, the contractor will be expected to undertake the installation of carpet tiles of the following space:

  • Waiting area:
  • Reception :
  • Open office for technical staff :
  • Head of project office:
  • Deputy Head of project office:
  • accountant office:
  • Meeting room:
  • Lounge area:
  • Office space for technical staff
  • Telephone both


  • The contractor is required to check the Bill of Quantities (BoQ) before submission of offer. If he/she notices any discrepancies with the works to be implemented and/or with the quantities reported in the BoQ, he must indicate this in his offer. Once the offer is submitted, the scope of work and the quantities are considered accepted by the contractor, who cannot contest them or ask for any revision of the quantities during the implementation of the works.
  • The contractor will be expected to fill in the costs of each of the items listed in the excel sheet (Bill of Quantities) with clear specifications for each product provided by GIZ upon request and submit it alongside his/her offer.
  • The artwork showing the changes that will be implemented by the contractor will be shared with the contractor upon request.

Contractor qualifications and requested information

The contractor is required to provide references of similar works showing its capacities to complete the planned project with the required finishing quality.

The specified qualification and information below represent the requirements to reach the maximum number of points.


  • Only contractor company is allowed to apply no individual application are accepted
  • Good business language skills in English, French and Kinyarwanda.
  • 5 years of technical experience in a similar area of work in Rwanda with proof
  • Provide an RDB Certificate as proof that the company is registered in Rwanda
  • Evidence that the company is VAT registered with RRA. (Attach the company’s VAT certificate)
  • The contractor shall also be expected to present evidence of tax clearance for the last three months
  • The contractor should be willing to allocate at least 3 staff/ from his/her company to fully work on this project. C.Vs of these 3 staff/ should also be attached to the technical offer that will be submitted to GIZ

D.    Timelines for the assignment:

  • Period of assignment: From 01st August 2021 until 31st August 2021.
  • Place of assignment: CAREER CENTER building – 4th floor, KG 541 street – Kigali

E.    Briefing session  

It is planed that on Friday 11th June 2021 the interested specialized companies in carpet tiles installation will meet with the architecture from 10h00 am Kigali time to get more details and ask questions about what will be done in the new office. The meeting place is CAREER CENTER building – 4th floor.

Only candidates who will be present for the briefing session will receive the artwork and the Bill of Quantities (BoQ) for the assignment. (essential for submission of EoI documents).


If restrictions are introduced to combat coronavirus/COVID-19 (restrictions on travel in general, quarantine measures, etc.), GIZ and the contractor are obliged to make adjustments to their contractual services to reflect the changed circumstances on the basis of good faith; this may involve changes to the service delivery period, the services to be delivered and, if necessary, to the remuneration.

F.    Submission of EoI & Evaluation 

 Only candidates who attended the briefing session will submit their EoI.

The application should include:

 EoI will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Company profile,
  • Relevant experience,
  • Your strategies & methodology
  • Personnel CV
  • Financial offer.

 The EoI should contain the following:

For Technical Proposal:

  • A Cover letter expressing interest in this assignment;
  • Technical Proposal with a brief description of why you would be considered as the most suitable for the assignment, relevant expertise, and a detailed clear methodology, on how will be your approach and complete the assignment. It should be formatted, font type ARIAL, fond size 11, and should be clearly formulated. The offer should be drawn up in English language.
  • The CVs shall not exceed 2 pages each
  • Business /company registration
  • References and recommendations of similar works executed in Rwanda

or elsewhere outside of Rwanda.

  • VAT certificate if available
  • Latest tax clearance

For the Financial Proposal:

The financial proposal indicates the all-inclusive total contract price, supported by a breakdown of all costs according to the list of BoQ. The cost must be in RWF and VAT excluded.

Please submit your EoI documents in two separate envelopes (1 for technical offer and 1 for financial offer) until latest Monday 21 June 2021 at 4:00 pm, at the front desk of:


GIZ Office Kigali/Rwanda

KN 41 Street / Nr.17 – Kiyovu

B.P 59 Kigali – Rwanda

GIZ reserves all rights

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