TECHNICAL TRAINING ON BEVERAGE/JUICE, WINE AND WINE FOR APEFE, Kigali, Rwanda - CLOSE: 05/11/2018 - Consultancy in Kigali

Published date: 02/11/2018
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1.                  Background and rationale for the mission

1.1.             General background

The Association pour la Promotion de l’Education et de la Formation à l’Etranger (APEFE) is a Belgian 40 years old non-profit organisation working for skills development in the southern countries. Close to the international relations of the Federation of Wallonie-Bruxelles and Wallonia, APEFE is also strengthening collaborations between institutional stakeholders of the Belgian cooperation. APEFE supplies national sectorial policies’ implementation programmes with technical assistance, methodological support and material resources, to help achieving the sustainable development goals.

APEFE has been active in Rwanda since 30 years. 

In 2015, the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA) initiated Workplace Learning policy (WPL) to improve the employability skills of youth and to facilitate their access to the labour market through integrating employees in skills development.

To support the implementation of this policy, APEFE, in partnership with MIFOTRA and PSF (Private Sector Federation) has started the Workplace Learning Support Programme –IGIRA KU MURIMO to pilot the dual or apprenticeship training system from 2017 to 2021.

1.2.             The Workplace Learning Support Programme

The 2017-2021 programme of APEFE in Rwanda aims at the development of apprenticeship training, ensuring a quality and inclusive vocational training. While supporting the implementation of the Workplace Learning Policy, approved in September 2015, by the Government of Rwanda, APEFE wishes to empower young Rwandan women and men access decent jobs and thus fight against poverty.

To this end, through the Workplace Learning Support Programme, APEFE supports the main actors of this policy:

-          The Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA), responsible for the coordination of the implementation of the Workplace Learning Policy;

-          The Private Sector Federation (PSF), umbrella organization that brings together chambers and professional associations. PSF supports companies to invest in youth training in collaboration with vocational training centres.

In this 2017-2021 phase, APEFE, MIFOTRA and PSF, in collaboration with other key partners, are jointly implementing this support programme which aims at 3 results:

1.      Different stakeholders collaborate and co-ordinate inclusive and equitable quality apprenticeship training.

2.      TVET institutions train young women and men to be competitive on the labour market.

3.      Companies are able to provide workplace learning opportunities.


The programme partners (PSF and MIFOTRA) and other stakeholders (Ministry of Education, Rwanda Development Board, Workforce Development Authority, Rwanda Polytechnic, Chambers and Professional Associations) perform, together with the APEFE team, capacity development of the beneficiaries (TVET institutions and companies) to ensure organisational development in the change process.

Therefore, the team of In-Company and TVET Trainers for apprenticeship training are to be capacitated in order to get technical capacity/skills so as to be able to deliver the training to the apprentices.

In this regard, an expert (consultant) is solicited to provide training in area of beverages making (Pulp/Juice, wine, beer, vinegar and other horticultural beverage derivatives).

2.                  Objectives of the assignment


The general objective of this ToT training is to enhance participants’ technical skills and capacity for them to be able to facilitate a successful apprenticeship training process and equip apprentices with technical skills needful to the Rwandan labour market.

The specific objectives of this assignment are to:

a)      Provide participants/ In-company Trainer & TVET Trainer with additional useful technical skills to enhance their capacities in area of fruit processing in general (Pulp/Juice, Wine, vinegar, Jam, Jelly and beer), and beverage making in particular;

b)      Provide participants with a deeper understanding  of technical skills pertaining to selecting and preparing raw materials, doing hygiene of tool and at workplace;

c)      Empower participants to improve their technical knowledge and skills with regards to:

a.        Making various types of fruit beverages ;

b.      Doing fermentation and making conservation of final as well as semi-final product (quality alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverage and tartinade).

c.       Make alcoholic beverage maturation and adequate storage;

d)     Assist participants to highlight challenges that are attached to beverage making (acidification, fermentation, stabilization, filtration,  maturation and storage and propose some of the solutions


3.                  Scope of the tasks and assignment


For a successful technical training delivery in, the consultant will:

ü  Design and elaborate training materials, training manual and training program;

ü  Provide face to face training to the program team and stakeholders (25 people);

ü  Support participants in technical skills development in areas mentioned above through a practical training whereby participants apply/perform techniques;

ü  Provide  a table of the needed training consumables, tools and stationaries  together with quantity, type and price with full description+ equipment;

ü  Elaborate a report of the assignment after the training.

4.                  Period and duration of the contract

The 5-day training session is to take place in MASAKA Business Incubation Centre, Rwanda from 19 to 23 November, 2018.

The final report should be submitted by 30 November, 2018 at the very latest.

5.                  Logistics

APEFE will take in charge the training venue, stationaries, consumables and lunches for participants and facilitators during the training session.


6.                  Profile of the consultant

The following criteria will be used to select the consultant(s)/consultancy firm:

a)      Be a registered company or individual with practical/technical experience in fruit processing /beverage processing;

b)      Proven experience in delivering consulting services, trainings or coaching apprentices in the domain related to beverage making;

c)      A minimum of, 7 years’ experience in fruit beverage processing  domain;

d)     Quality of the technical proposal (incl. Training manuals, methodologies, tools, time schedule, etc…)

e)      Reasonable financial offer.

7.                  Composition of the offer

The interested consultants/firms should submit the following documents:

  • Application letter highlighting how they meet the requirements detailed in the ToR;

  • Profile of the consultancy firm (if applicable);

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the consultant/trainer;

  • Evidence of work experience;

  • The proposed methodology for the assignment and training programme

  • Table of the needed training equipment, consumables, tools and stationaries table with quantity, price and  type with full description;

  • A financial offer.


The offer must be sent, no later than November 5, 2018, before 5PM to Mrs Marie-Pierre Ngoma, Programme Administrator of APEFE Rwanda, preferably by e-mail:, (mentioning the reference in the subject).



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