Tracey Survey on Graduates of 4 TVET Schools Supported By “Igira Ku Murimo Programme” - 05/08/2020 - Consultancy in Kigali

Published date: 22/07/2020 Modified date: 25/07/2020
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Details of listing: Tracey Survey on Graduates of 4 TVET Schools Supported By “Igira Ku Murimo Programme” - 05/08/2020

KN1, St Paul, Plot 2360, Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda

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Tracey Survey on Graduates of 4 TVET Schools Supported By “Igira Ku Murimo Programme”

Tender N°L-RW101 - 007/2020

For the “Workplace Learning Support Programme”


Kigali, July 2020

1.Background and rationale for the consultancy 

The Association pour la Promotion de l’Education et de la Formation à l’Etranger (APEFE) is a Belgian 40 years old non-profit organization working for skills development in the southern countries. Close to the international relations of the Federation of Wallonie-Bruxelles and Wallonia, APEFE is also strengthening collaborations between institutional stakeholders of the Belgian cooperation. APEFE supplies national sectorial policies’ implementation programmes with technical assistance, methodological support and material resources, to help achieving the sustainable development goals.

APEFE has been active in Rwanda more than 30 years. 

In 2015, the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA) initiated Workplace Learning policy (WPL) to improve the employability skills of youth and to facilitate their access to the labour market through integrating employees in skills development.

To support the implementation of this policy, APEFE, in partnership with MIFOTRA and PSF (Private Sector Federation) has started the Workplace Learning Support Programme – IGIRA KU MURIMO to pilot the dual or apprenticeship training system from 2017 to 2021.

The program supported apprentices to gain knowledge and skills in beauty and fashion, tailoring and food processing.

The first cohort of apprentices trained under the program IGIRA KU MURIMO completed a year of training in schools and in companies and graduated in November 2019. A study will be done to assess the employability and income generation of the graduates, as well as collect employers’ satisfaction of their skills level and performance.

2.Objectives of the assignment


The main purpose for this task is to collect information on employment and income status of the 121 graduates from the 4 TVET schools and collect feedback and observations from their employers. The final report will be presented to the programme partners for validation.


3.Scope of the assignment

In line with the objectives of this exercise the consultant will:

1. Develop a Tracey Survey tool and methodology.

2. Design a database interface for data entry and analysis in SPSS or Excel.

3. Collect information on the status of graduates related to employability and income generation.

4. Identify and measure both quantitative and qualitative changes in living conditions of those beneficiaries based on knowledge acquired in vocational training and in companies.

5. Collect feedback from employers on graduates’ skills and performance.

6. Presenting findings and recommendations to IGIRA KU MURIMO Program implementing partners on how to enhance employability of graduates of dual training.

A database for 121 graduates of the first cohort from the 4 TVET schools below will be shared with the consultants:

ü  Gacuriro TVET School in Gasabo District

ü  Ngarama TVET School in Gatsibo District

ü  EAV Kabutare in Huye District

ü  ESTB Busogo in Musanze District

4.Methodology and Deliverables

1. Methodology

The methodology to perform the Tracey Survey will comprise desk review and field data collection, analysis and interpretation as detailed below:

Hold an inception meeting with APEFE and IGIRA KU MURIMO Program implementing partners and agree on the methodology and proceedings.

      Design and produce a Tracey Survey tool/ questionnaire to gather information

      Conduct field data collection using the different methods (questionnaire, interviews)

      Discuss and consult IGIRA KU MURIMO Program implementing key partners.

      Present findings of the Tracey survey to IGIRA KU MURIMO Program implementing partners.

      Generate a final Tracey Survey report.


2. Deliverables

The consultant is expected to deliver the following:

·         An inception report containing the methodology and a detailed work plan for the assignment.

·         A final report incorporating inputs from IGIRA KU MURIMO Program implementing partners.


5. Submission of deliverables


ü  All written deliverables submitted to APEFE shall be in English. 

ü  Deliverables will be submitted in hard and soft copy.


6.Period and duration of the contract


It’s anticipated that the full work shall take 25 working days, from the signature of the contract until the final report of the assignment work is submitted to APEFE office. 

7. Timeframe of key Deliverables


The consultant is expected to start working on 1st September 2020. An inception meeting will be held on that day with APEFE, MIFOTRA, PSF and Rwanda Polytechnic.

The inception report describing the methodology and a detailed work plan for the assignment is expected not later than by 8 September 2020.

The consultants will submit and discuss the data collection tools and questionnaires with a core team of APEFE, MIFOTRA, PSF and Rwanda Polytechnic before the start of data collection.

The data collection, entry, analysis and reporting will be done by 9 October 2020. The draft report will be presented during a meeting and the consultants will integrate comments. The final report is expected not later than 23 October 2020. 

8.Payment Schedule

The following paymet schedule is proposed:

Approval of inception report: 30%

Approval of final report: 70%

9.Profile of the Consultant

ü  The consultant should have a PHD in economics, statistics, business or education management with a least three years of research and consulting experience or post graduate degree in economics or statistics or business management with five years of research and consulting experience

ü  Have a strong, relevant and proven research experience with both qualitative and quantitative analytical approaches,  preferably in the area of TVET, education, or employment

ü  A good understanding of dual training is an asset.

ü  Working experience in Rwandan context

ü  Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English or French and Kinyarwanda.

10.   Selection criteria

The following criteria will be used to select the consultants:

a)      Expert profile

b)      Quality of the technical proposal (incl.  Methodology, time schedule, etc…)

c)      Financial offer

d)      Clarity of the proposal


11.  Reporting

The consultant will report to APEFE Program Administrator, and will provide periodic briefings during the term of the consultancy.

12.  Content of the bid

The interested individual consultants should submit the following documents outlining

i. Technical proposal including: the proposed methodology and work plan matching with the requirements detailed in the ToRs of the Tracey Survey.

ii. The Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the consultant with names and telephones of institutions that they have previously served similar assignments + 2 certificates of good completion of similar survey.

iii. Financial offer, all in and all taxes inclusive.

The offers (technical and financial) must be submitted to APEFE by email at or at APEFE office, KN1, St Paul, Plot 2360, Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda, Office compound, 3rd Flow, not later than 5th August, 2020 at 5 pm, addressed to Mrs. Marie Pierre NGOMA, the Program Administrator, Tel: 0782723969.

Any request for additional technical information should be addressed to


Marie-Pierre Ngoma                                  Faustin MWAMBARI                     

Programme Administrator                           Programme Director                      

APEFE Rwanda                                          MIFOTRA                                     


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